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UpDate on Olaparib

Had my check up on the 15th of September.

All blood results are great,CA125 is down to 10!

Fatigue is a huge problem but I do rest as much as possible.

UTI is a common side effect ,which I am getting a lot of.

I'm on the drug since January and so far it seems to be keeping things stable.

Hopefully it will be licensed in Ireland shortly as it has been in the U.K.

I have written to the "Powers that Be " in relation to this but,as yet there is no definitive decision reached as I think they are waiting for the results and feed back from the Oncologists who have patients on this drug.

I have just celebrated birthday number 3, since diagnosis,I've celebrated 2 christmas since diagnosis,I've had three foreign holidays .There are crappy days in my life but there are so many good days also.

I hope you all have one of your good days today. Xxxxx

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Hi annieHi, I am glad things are working out for you and long may it continue. You truly have been living life to the full. Glad your review went well, I am in for mine on the 13th but I know I am getting nearer the chemo train again. I hope to see you at the Coffee Morning on the 15th. I hope you had a great Birthday🎂. Kittie.

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Thanks Kittie,had a nice day yesterday.Didnt do much which was great! Kittie ,we'd be lost if we weren't on the chemo train ha ha,as long as there's a seat available for me when needed ,I'll take it.Hopefully your review will go well on the 13th.I might have another UTI ,so glad to get hubby to drop specimen into local hospital and Onc will check in with their lab for results.A lot handier than going to the major hosp and waiting.

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HI Annie, I told you singing was good for the immune system, so it could well be that and not the Olaparib haha. Dont think the prof would agree with me. I am really thrilled you are doing so well, Uti and fatigue are part of the course, my friend on a similar drug for CLL is on a low dose antibiotic all the time for UTI but she does get flare ups. You have put so much into living your life to the full, that has to be said, I hope the drug will eventually be licensed here. I believe the Oncology Nurses in CUH are on a work to rule on Weds looking for better conditions and more staff. Last time they did this it was prevented with promises at the last minute. Obviously the promises were never kept. I would join a picket line were there one in the South Inf but its not that type of strike. They will cater for patients but not complete the paper work. They have to take a stand and rightly so, I hope to see you at the Coffee morning and chat to you inbetween


Hi AnnieH

So glad you had good results . Whatever happens for other patients in other hospitals mine certainly won't be at the top of the queue ! I love your positive post . It makes me realise that all is not lost if you are in the right place at the right time. Keep on smiling . Take care


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That is promising results from Olaparib Annie .you go and enjoy the sun and let someone else entertain the visitor !!!.


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