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Update on Olaparib

Well,into month 3 of the treatment.Feeling tired now,a lot of things going on ,on the left side of my face.As soon as I've taken the third pill.my left eye itches,my left nostril starts to run and the left side of my face feels numb.Other than that,I'm sure it's doing some good.Frequent urination would be another effect and pale skin.

I was full of energy for the first 6-7weeks but now I feel tired and listless,not sure what's causing that.As with cancer it's difficult to see which are the symptoms of the disease and which are caused by side effects.Havent had a scan since last October and I'm happy about that,I don't want one for as long as possible,figure the less I know at this stage about the inside of my body,the better.

I was told I needed at least 2 rest periods during the day to help me sleep better at night,it sounds contradictory but I've tried it and it works.I was also told that even though I'm trying to do normal things in my usual way,I've got to change things about for my benefit and do normal things in a different way and in a way that dosent tire me,makes sense.its all about self preservation for as long as possible.

Hopefully the drugs are doing one hell of a job and I will be around to enjoy my house refurbishment which started yesterday,I must say the dust is a huge problem.My sister can't understand my logic behind the refurbishment.She said I was fit and healthy for 50 yrs and just maintained what was there,now I'm terminally ill I'm taking on a huge task that needs full health to complete ha ha,I need to do something besides waiting and fretting about my future.One of my P.C team said yesterday that I was getting things sorted with the house to make it easier for my hubby to cope with at the end of my life.I thought,Crap ,I forgot to tell the builder to install a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! Ha ha ha xxxx

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Oh Annie I am laughing and crying at the same time especially the bit about the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it is good for you to have a project to undertake as long as you have nice tidy workmen or someone to help you clean up afterwards. It does put your focus on doing something nice you can look at and appreciate. About the PC, I remember doing a huge bedroom clearout and partial refurbishment in 2010. Three sacks of clothes went put in the car and put into the Enable Bin told no one. Got a lovely chair to relax in in the bedroom. So what happenened? My comfy chair is covered in clothes and the bedroom is fairly messy again. I dont have the heart to do it all over again as I was creating a comfy space for me but the good intentions didnt last long. Getting back to the Olarib there are side effects to all, my friend is on similar meds for Leukaemia and has to watch for high temperatures. She went through a bad patch with Lung infections and they didnt know why. So they have added antibodies to her treatment once a month and she is great now. She only takes three tabs in the morning and again at night. Same family of meds but a a different name. I hope to see you on the 23rd April. Wedding plans well what can I say, I texted my son this morning and asked to see the table plan before they give it to the hotel and he didnt like this one bit, very defensive about it in fact. So I told him that I wasnt worried about his friends but wanted to make sure that guest from our side would be comfortable eating their meal. There is a little dissention in hubbys family over land and the last thing I want is for people to be uncomfortable sitting down. This happened us recently at a neighbours wedding and it was horrible for us all. I would have been quite happy to sit and chat with people I didnt know rather than be put at a table with a couple no one gets on with. Now I took it on the chin and was polite but really this can be avoided. The mother of the groom said she didnt see the table plan so having been through this scenario I dont want anyone to feel ill and uneasy. Hopefully I will see you at the Ovacare Patient Day on 23rd April, The line up looks very good to be honest


I do hope to be there on the 23rd,I'm bringing hubby! The table arrangements are very important Joan.I insisted on being involved on that side of things as like you when my son got married ,I had to make sure to put those talking to each other together and those that could cut the atmosphere with a knife went on another table mixed with people who were acquaintances of them.Its a very difficult area to cover but I do feel all mother-in-laws should be involved.Boys can be soo stubborn.

Like you I started doing bedroom and clean out.Still looking for right chair but I know if I do get one ,clothes will be thrown on it ha ha.

The line up does look good for the patients day.Are you bringing hubby with you? I'm glad your friend is doing well on the tablets,every new treatment is welcomed.xxxx

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Hi AnnieH1, you sure have been going through a lot over the last few months. At least the house renovations will give you something to look forward to. We all need to change things in the house every so often. I decided a couple of weeks ago we needed a new bed frame so I got on line and ordered one. It arrived and when hubby made it up we discovered the wardrobe door would not open ,we live in an old house with small rooms so I created a problem the only way to solve it was to put the wardrobe in the spare room and I now call it my dressing room. The best thing about it was I got rid of bags of clutter . I will be at the Patients Day my sister is coming with me we are going down to Cork the day before and staying in the Hotel . Take care and mind yourself and hope to see you in .Kittie


The best of luck Annie with your treatment and your renovations. The most important bit is that light at the end of the tunnel . I admire your energy . X


Hi Annie,

Loving the house renovations! Am about to do up my sons house all of that fills me with joy,gives me something else to think about and nice surroundings are good in whatever mood you are in.

Sounds like a nice crowd you have for your OC gatherings,so, wish you all have a lovely day,

Best wishes,



Hi Annie. Good luck with those house renovations. I did an extension last summer - wanted to put in a downstairs bedroom and toilet - stressful time - try to make sure hubby is the one who deals with builders/tradesmen. 

Outside of that - glad you've found a way to pace yourself with those rest periods. Stay strong - you're an inspiration to the rest of us. X 


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