Low grade tumours

Hi ladies, looking for advice....went back to my gynie yesterday for results of biopsies and he said there's tiny low grade tumours around my bowel area, chemo would not help as they are so small, so it's wait and see what the tumours will do and docs will keep an eye on me.....for some reason I don't feel comfortable with that, I  know he's the expert, did anyone have this predicament? ???

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  • Hi I have low grade tumors on my bowel.  The drs found them in September and adopted a 'wait and watch' approach until March when I started chemo.  So I had  extra six months  without treatment meaning i was able to have Christmas, go away skiing and a bit of winter sun. With low grade drs are often able to just watch profession for quite a while. Hope all goes well x

  • How are you doing now???

  • I'm feeling great. Chemo is working, last scan showed shrinkage.

  • Delighted to hear that xx

  • HI Cotton, sometimes our gynaes adopt a wait and see or watch and wait approach.  It is a worry but I am sure you will be seeing him or her again  in a few months for a review.   They do try to keep us off chemo as much as they can and perhaps that is a good thing too.   Its best wait until you really need it.

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