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CA 125 fluctuations high grade serous stage 3c

Just wondering about normal fluctuations in CA125 post chemo. Anyone with high grade serous stage 3 c without recurrence? My CA 125 was stable for a year at 4 and 5 but has now risen to 10. Had surgery , NED following by chemo.

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I’m high grade 3b. Been NED since last chemo in December 2016.

My CA125 at diagnosis was 4200.

33 after surgery. Then has been 19, 14,13 for last 3 check ups.

Had blood test this week ready for oncologist on Monday and it’s 20.

I know it’s still in normal range but it’s hard not to be a little anxious that this is start of it creeping up ? Sarah x


Hi Dollie

My CA125 was 8000 on diagnosis of stage 3c high grade serous PPC in 2011 .and came down to a normal of under 36 after chemo. It remained that way until 2016 when it went up to 150 on recurrence in my Lymph nodes . Again went back to under 36 after chemo. Under 36 is considered normal but I have seen women on this site worried about fluctuations in low numbers and I have never known why. The oncologist is the only person to explain that one . Best wishes to you


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Hi Dollie,like you my CA125 has been rising since August it was 11 for 15 mts then rose to 13,16 and last one 20.My Onc isn't at all worried about it but he could tell I was very worried ,so I will be having a scan shortly just to calm my worries.Many factors are taken into account with results of CA,you might have an inflammation or it depends what time of day the sample was taken and tested.Try not to worry.😀

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Dollie, CA125 can vary for a number of reasons and oncologist tend to look for a trend (a rising trend, rather than just one peak). I know my mums lab says results can vary by "6" points, so still in my labs error range.


The ca 125 can rise due to infection as well, It can also depend if the bloods were kept upright and in the right atmosphere, For some of us though, a recurrence may be judged by ct scan along with clinical examination and any symptoms


I’m high grade serous 3c.

My CA125 rose very slowly after first line chemo finished. I kept worrying even though it was under 35. Even when it went above 35 I was told not to worry as it’s the trend in the rise rather than the number itself that they look for. When it got to 147 they decided it was a recurrence and a PET scan confirmed this. CT scan never showed anything.

Hoping you are ok. Keep positive. Xxx


I am stage 3c it has just reoccured for the first time so I am Caelyx/Carb since yesterday, so far so good, but when I started my markers had gone up from 9 to 26 (which is the normal range), but I was worried and as had pains as well, i was sent for CT Scan even though he thought it unrealated, and the cancer was definately back, it is not in the organs, bones or lymph nodes, and I am still platnuim senstive so they are good thing. My Oncologist said that not all the cancer nodules were giving a marker, which is why it is more unreliable in some than others, but it will be different in everybody, but it was a concern to them that the markers they were up. I am also on Australian INOVATe Program at the Kolling Institute at North Shore Hospital.


Thanks Suzanne , hope you are doing well. D


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