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Abdominal chemo treatment for OC query

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I'm curious to know if anyone here has had this treatment or knows where it's done in the UK?


I asked my oncologist about it and was told I was not suitable as I'd had surgery. But the article seems to suggest it's done after surgery.

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There is some discussion about this here: healthunlocked.com/ovacome/...

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The only thing I know about it, is that someone said you must have a 'smooth' surface, whatever that means. But like yourself, I did ask about chemo directly into abdomen (intraperitoneal, I think it is called) and like you, following surgery, I was not suitable.

I have to accept that just because some treatment is around - it may not be the one for me.

Hope you are doing well otherwise.


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Thanks Daisies. It does help when the reasons why not are clearly explained. They were, but you know how it is, I forgot or misremember.

Finished 6 months 2nd line chemo in May, now trying to get back to 'normal' or at least to regain fitness and energy - I still suffer from various aches and pains and exhaustion if I overdo things. I'm back on letrozole. Was told I'm stable for now, recurrence tumours didn't shrink but they have stopped growing. So we'll see how long that lasts...

Hope you are doing ok xxx

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Hi moominkat, just to let you know IP proceedures are done here in Australia. I had it for 4 cycles which is all I could handle. I think it is offered as a matter of course here. Probably through the private system. I am surprised there is variations of treatment between countries. Sharon

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Hi MoominKat. Like Daisies I had heard of it before and read about it on the Internet. The article you refer to is from New York Times of 2005 I think but it it does sound very hopeful. I was particularly interested as with Primary Peritoneal Cancer being all over the abdomen it sounds ideal. However I never even get to the question as I have been on the dreaded watch and wait since diagnosis and chemo in 2011. I will be having my routine cursory check with Oncology tomorrow so I am preparing lots of questions. Sometimes I wonder did I have cancer at all or was it all just a huge mistake . I will add intraperitoneal treatment to my list of questions. Andrew has also referred you to a previous Health unlocked discussion which was interesting to read again. I will let you all know if I get any interesting answers...XXX

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I am hopefully going to have this done after my operation in September privately. I will only know after surgery if I am a good candidate for it.

It is only used in first line treatment (simply because it has never been done otherwise) and it appears to be more toxic though opinions are mixed.

They say it's better if you have less adhesions etc so the chemo can travel around more freely. However from what I researched, they don't really know why this works better other than it changes the peritoneal environment.

It's v costly and it involves overnight supervision hence why NHS will hesitate to offer it plus it needs further research and extensive staff training.

Get in touch if you need further info.


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