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OC any advice greatly appreciated ladies 💕

Hi All

I’m Donna 36 year old mum of 3 princesses twins 6 and 19 month old. Reasonably healthy ish lol do smoke cigarettes don’t drink.

Had a diagnoses of fibromyalgia last year with globus sensation. This past 3 ish months things have gone crazy I feel so unwell some days like a 100 year old ,

find it hard to get about daily life ... put that down to my fibromyalgia and globus.. and reoccurring dirty cold sores I get 1. Ew cold sore every single week as one heals another comes it’s awful ...

about 10,

Weeks ago I had a huge array of tests done at doctors I had

Liver & kidney function

Complete blood count

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Autoimmune Screening test

Thyroid test

Ca125- which was level 16.

And all were bloody normal, nothing showed up then after my testing things with me went haywire and that’s were they are now... I am

Out of ideas to the point I can’t even call my doctor no more he’s so rude like I’m wasting his time

this past 6 ish weeks I have been so bloated my stomach is like I’m pregnant and I’m def not I can assure you.. would be immaculate conception lol

Ive constant bathroom trips like being pregnant but I’m not lol always needing a wee lol

Last 6 weeks along side the above I noticed irregular bowel habits and going more often an especially after eating feeling the urge this comes An goes though

I had vision issues which my optician made me an emergency referral to ophthalmology

The last couple of weeks TMI ALERT : on 3 occasions I noticed mucousy bloody stools and it’s not persistent has been random times. Stopped now last episode

was Sunday. Isn’t much blood but enough ..

Last 3 weeks I have left hip pain well in that area like I’ve slept on it funny or something ?

Ive got also everyday weird pains in both legs even now there aching ?

I have awful random abdominal lower cramps around ovary area with the bloating ?

Last 7 days have what feels like thrush ? Using a cream but it does nothing

and now pains in my sides that are random ?

And on Saturday and all day Sunday I had a weird pain under my left shoulder blade that last 2 days

And back aches for past 5 weeks it’s every day

And Nausea every morning and some evenings this past 2 weeks

Ive been checking my blood pressure An it’s fine and my temp is fine to as I had few days were I was getting chills,

Also I have Not lost any weight...

The symptoms that are kinda lingering about and are consisted every day is ...

Using loo more even getting up during night to wee

Nausea every morning an evening

Hip pains

Leg pains

Abdo aches

Lower back aches

Weird headaches and tingling

Missed period (3 weeks late )

Constant cold sores

Sorry it’s so long winded I am out of ideas I don’t have insurance and have a night mare gp and am a single mum and can’t afford to go private so thankyou for your time

All the best

D xx

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Sorry to hear your so unwell. Is there a chance that it's all down to stress?

I know when I am stressed I'm prone to cold sores. Just on that once you feel them coming on get a cube of ice and hold it there for as long as possible this stops the blister coming.

D, if your doctor is not listening maybe you could change? Or maybe get referred to a gynecologist for further tests.

Ask for ultrasound or scan.

Keep an eye on things and don't let them fob you off.

Do you have anyone that supports you like a social worker that can give you some guidance.

You don't have to go private to get some answers.

Hope your feeling better and get some help.

Ann Nora


Hi Annnora

Thanks for the reply.

I have asked to be referred but doctor is reluctant as nothing has showed up in any of my tests..

He’s not a very welcoming GP he’s due to retire and I have never seen in good mood all the years I have been using him. We call him doc Martin in our house lol

I did ask to have an ultrasound done he point blank would not hear me out lol he’s so grumpy lol

I could change Gp but with way things are here ,surgeries are not taking new clients the 1 i called said there all pretty much the same and over stretched as it is.

Due to brexit , finances and stormont (I live in Northern Ireland )

I never bothered changing before as until couple years ago I never really had to use him I always been blessed with being kinda healthy.

I will figure it out I will keep watching my symptoms and try relax and not stress as you are so right stress can absolutely wreak havoc on a persons system. So I’m going to try chill out an keep tabs on how I doing I’m going to keep a journal so I’m clear on my symptoms and hopefully it will paint the picture

thankyou for your time

Donna xx

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Hi there fibromylagia can be debilitating to say the least, are you on any meds for that? this is a site for Ovarian cancer and it really doesnt sound like that to be honest, IBS and fibro go together and you get blurred vision from fibro. It an awful pity you havent a more sympathetic doctor but you could ask him for a referral to a rheumatologist perhaps.

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My ca-125 levels were normal when I was admitted to hospital with suspected dvt as my leg had swelled 21cm bigger than the other I had pelvic and lower back pain for weeks leading up to this and when I mentioned ovarian cancer my doc told me I was too young although he did refer me for ultrasound. Hospital tried to discharge me twice only I kept telling her about the pain I was in so they got me ultrasound which showed a fist sized tumour in my pelvis. Hopefully this is not the case for you but I would def push for ultrasound as blood test is not guaranteed to show what's going on inside .

Let me know how you get on gps can be a nightmare but if you need to change to a better one


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Hi Imelda

I couldn’t message earlier as I was at a family party .. But can I start by saying Oh my good god you poor thing.... what in earth is wrong with these people they know bloody cancer is an epidemic right now. Sorry to be so blunt but that’s bloody angering I feel so bad for you. Regardless of benign or otherwise.

boils my blood.

Your not going to believe this but I noticed today my left leg starting to swell An showed my sister who agreed it was slightly swollen. I still have nausea continuous pains in sides both of them pelvic and lower abdo pain and a late period (def not pregnant) but I have even now weird tingles in my head and chills. So with all that going on I took myself off to out of hours gp on Thursday night.

He checked my abdomen and blood pressure which was raised for me (suffer with low bp) but said as it was only 140/88 it’s not medically raised to a dangerous level he said he seen my doctor did ca125 thyroid all other tests couple months ago and they were clear he said because of my eye issue (optician said my pupil was fixed not dilating properly)

that I have my opthmalogy appt coming up they would investigate and refer me to neurology? I was like ok.. but my hip hurts my leg aches my abdo is sore I’ve side pains upper back pains lower abdo pains what about those. He was like , well ur bp and temp are normal so Im not concerned the trace of blood in your urine sample is slight so I am not concerned ?

I left even more upset stressed and dismayed I am so weak I have to force myself to get around, my sisters we’re like you look bloody worn out I explained to them I literally feel shit lol

I can’t function right I’ve all this crazy stuff going on doctors ain’t a bit worried but I am as my pelvic area and leg An back pain with the nausea An chills is driving me insane..

Any pointers in similarities I would surely appreciate it I am def hitting gp for ultrasound I am sick to death of this at this point I have 3 kids all under 6 so you can imagine my house lol it’s mayhem

On a good day

and they don’t understand I’m sore An not running on full pelt because of it..

Imelda I will def like to know how your getting on not even to compare but how things go for you. Stay positive I know it’s scary time I lost my mum in end of march she was diagnosed in last October (kidney cancer) and that is all she lasted yet she was at here gp from April to sep of last year with abdo pains and constant kidney infections and weight loss.. an the cancer was only discovered when she collapsed while out shopping with my Aunty. It was a blow as we lost our dad couple of years ago to suddenly in an accident. I’m the oldest of 6 kids and the youngest is 18, he now lives with me. He is in college an a fantastic kid am so proud of him he is bearing up great. But even while my mum was being treated it was so so so slow I had to shout an push but when she went for chemo it was far to late she collapsed again this time was took to the hospice were she stayed for 8 weeks on round the clock care.. it’s scary but u done well to demand that scan good woman yourself I would say fair play An def don’t take your foot of the gas with them, I know doctors are stretched An I appreciate the nhs is struggling but explain that to your kids or family members when your sick. I hope your bearing up well thankyou so much for the reply please message anytime

Donna xx


Hi Donna

I would definitely keep an eye on the leg I first noticed it was a big swollen when I put on knee high boots and my Mam had dvt last February which is why I went straight to doc when it got so big . I hope I'm not making you more anxious with my story but I knew something was not right I kept bringing up ovarian to all the docs. I had 18 sessions of chemo and 31 radiotherapy sessions and the tumour has gone from first sized to tiny I really hope it stays that way for many years. My son is 15 since last week and I have raised him on my own he's who I fear for life can be so unfair sometimes . Please keep pushing for an ultrasound don't let gp brush you off. I am so sorry to hear that about your mum and I hope everything turns out well for you



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