Well here I am a little scaredy cat, the results must be in and I wont ring. I am due for Avastin tomorrow week so if that is not changed in the meantime, I should be okay. Seeing the oncologist at the end of April, a long wait but they said they would contact me if there was a reason to meantime. Then a family of crows have moved in to the house next door because the facia board is in bits, so Mum is inside and Dad on watch outside during the day and by god it is noisy at times. The real neighbours couldnt care less they are burying their heads in the sand like Ostriches. So between being a scaredy cat and crows and penguins stuck in the mud, and Ostriches next door burying their heads, I feel like I am living in a Zoo. So forgive me if I say those two words at times. I am quite sane really in case anyone is worried haha

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  • You know Suzuki, I think that is a good observation. I think we are all living in a zoo; The world is one big zoo! I can add two ringed doves to your ARC; they live in my garden & are quite entertaining when they are not eating my veg patch! 😁

    I feel for you around waiting for your scan results. Have you considered ringing the oncology Liason nurse for your results or perhaps you would prefer to wait. Someone one said to me 'you can't rush the river' & this has become even more relevant to me since my diagnosis. I can only absorb so much at a time & when I'm ready.

    Sending you a warm hug & buckets of support. Chickpea5 x

  • Do you know I am thinking about that all day that we live in a Zoo, all types of people doing their own thing eating their own food and the world passing by. Someone mentioned on Sat while we were inside behind the curtains, the world was still going by outside, and probably not knowing we existed. It is an interesting concept

  • ~Good luck with treatment. Thought Avastin was no longer available for us. So well do ne in getting the treatment.

    On a lighter or not so lighter note. We have crows permanently on private land next to our house and believe me you cannot deter the buggers. We have tried everything we can think of. CDs useless (they are very intelligent birds) soon get used to that. Husband now using air rifle aimed at the nest but even having a few shots up the bum still brings them back. The awful mess they make on the path and decking is unbelieveable once the fledglings have hatched. Good luck with this added little nuisance, I sympathise with you. Had it for years. Owner of trees (which are in conservation area) turns a blind eye to any maintenance responsibility.

    Love Pat

  • Since my observation seems to have fallen on deaf ears, I go out now and again and hit the wheelie bin with a shovel when the noise level increases. Yes they are cute now when they hear the back door opening they fly off. I do love the small birds have feeders and have a robin begging for crumbs every day. It is not the first year this has happened, lovely people but like to eat out and holiday and let the house go into ruin. We live in an estate have a lovely green area in front of the house. Yes the splatters and their love of wiper rubbers do not exactly endear them to me. Anyway its a lovely day here a little cool but okay, must get the hair trimmed later and doing a course tomorrow on Make Up and Style. Maybe I will lose the jeans and jumper look which has been my day to day style.

  • Hi Suzuki.As they say no news is good news.Im due Avastin this day wk also and due a scan before I see the prof in May.I can imagine how annoying the crows are plus neighbours not bothered.keep the faith.x x

  • Well my scan apt was badly organised, I was to see the prof the Monday following but that was Easter Monday, I didnt realise it at the time the Registrar was ordering it, Maybe she didnt realise he was away. I did ring the outpatients but clinic is cancelled all this week. Maybe the neighbour got the hint past few days with power hose on the go, hopefully they did because really dont want to have to insist they sort it. I have calmed down again as dont need the bp high for the Avastin next week as they wont give it if the reading is over the top, they send you to the gp.

  • Hi Suzuki, the waiting for the results of a scan can make our minds work overtime , even though we cant change the outcome we will still worry. I have a week off treatment my bloods are just about holding up. I am now half way through my chemo 9 down and 9 to go. Like you our next door neighbour has birds in his facia boards they are either swallows or starlings they love my husbands car and use it for target practice, he also has 2 dogs one of which uses our back garden as its own personal toilet I feel good getting that of my chest. I hope you enjoy your course tomorrow maybe you can give us all tips at the next coffee morning no matter how I feel I aim to be there even it it means me travelling down the day before and staying in a hotel. Kittie

  • Yes I admit I am uptight and probably afraid to ring the liason nurse. So down for Avastin next week and seeing the onc the following Monday. I am glad I signed up for this course in Arc House might get a few tips. Well I have cavaliers but they are kept in the back garden or house, they dont bother anyone but they are spoilt rotten. Yes target practice is a good description. Well you are half way there so that is good hope your bloods behave. the weather is really nice at the moment, I am off this week and pottering around in the garden a little and cleaning windows etc. My daughter is heading to Turkey Saturday for a week in the sun, not that she sits out much as she is a red head. She will get the aircoach to Dublin and fly from there. I am afraid Cork is very bad for flights at the moment until end of May, even then some flights are being withdrawn, We are definitely the poor relations with the airlines down here.

  • Suzuki - those pesky birds, animals, and sometimes people, can drive me mad too. I'v starlings in the gutters and no matter how many times I get them cleared out - the little f;%$s keep coming back. They must like me - but they sure as hell leave their mark on the decking. But heigh, ho - if that is all I have to worry about.

    Now, if your own dogs get in the act, I know you will move into Fota Zoo!!!!

    Went mad gardening yesterday & today and my finger nails are filthy. Think I could grow flowers in them now. I hate wearing gloves when working. Did my sisters boxes etc yesterday and got some bamboo plants for my own garden, so did a lot of tidying up today. I so love the sun, warm weather and gardening.

    I think the Prof may be on hols this week also , or away, as someone said he was not available until next week.

    Reading the posts - next week seems to be a busy week for Avastin - so the pharma drug company's profits will be up.

    Regards and if the wait is too much - call the Liaison Nurse, but hopefully 'no news is good news'.

    regards, Daisies

  • I know Daisies you hit it on the head, I am like a bag of cats because I am anxious behind it all, actually I realised today that I see the prof on Monday week so that is not long. I am off this week and have made a point of getting out and walking with the dog or dogs, I actually have a choice of dogs. We cleaned the decking yesterday well power hosed it and its a lot better. I went to Dwyers electrical and got new solar lights for the front garden. I am doing that course in Arc Hse tomorrow since I am off. I am looking at the plants but havent bought any yet. Choir is back since last night and I dont think our director was impressed that two of the committee had decided to cancel our summer concert. One who is in another choir feels we are not ready. So now we are going to polish a few songs

    and visit a nursing home or two during the summer months. Yes its really not nice when a hint falls on deaf ears, Daddy crow was quiet today but still swinging off the upc cable between the two houses. I agree starlings are just as bad, a few have come down our chimney in the past and we had to remove the gas fire to get them out. We took the gas fire out before Xmas and got a wood stove and the chimney was fitted with a new cap and so far so good. They are pesky arent they?

  • Daisys how do you manage with your nails as mine keep breaking by the way, they are never long enough to get dirty. I have tried Aveeno, Vaseline, Dealz and Aldi creams and nail protector. They just flake when I think they are going to be okay

  • Hi. Some of my nails are bad, but I try to keep them short. I don't think it matters what cream you use, just use lots of it. The discoloration is gradually fading now.

    I also had some chimney visits from birds - the 1st time was a startling and his/her mate was outside, trying to come through the window ...bugger that for a game of soldier. So gutter cleared out , and intended to get chimney cleaned, but before I did, I have a drop-in visit from a jackdaw....they are big and he had an evil eye. But all I did was give a shout at them, got the sweeping brush and open the patio door and sort waved the brush to get them out. I did get chimney cleaned and a guard fitted. I don't use that chimney anyway....yuuk, filthy things.

    all good otherwise.


  • Thanks for that, it probably doesnt matter what you use, as I said I have tried everything, Aveeno is recommended but didnt do anything for nails, maybe the pink vaseline hand cream for nails is about the best and I dont be doing too much house work. Yes we got rid of a few starlings that way in the past few years, one year one of the dogs caught it in his mouth and wouldnt let it go so dog was chased out as well and he did drop it. I have to calm down about it because if I keep getting annoyed bp will rise and they wont do Avastin next week. Weather has turned colder again today, enjoyed the make up class in Arc House but you are given a choice to buy the products used on line ie, demonstrator will email us all with products used and cost of same and then its up to us to see if we want to buy. They are a brand called Forever, and came across them before, dear enough but at the same time the finished product was better than the face that entered the door. We all got a set of make up brushes which I never use so my daughter benefits. I did leave a donation in the Arc Box in the hall.

  • Hi. Glad you had a good make-up day, and came home with goodies. I always think if you go to anything in the cosmetic line - you must have a goodie bag to poke into when you get home.

    Yes indeed, the weather did get colder - the old easterly wind. Had intended to do some more garden work today, but those damned headaches. Had a was raised BP - not going there again, Too many tests etc. & in next Thurs for Avastin and if it is raised then - it can be dealt with.

    So, no cooking today, as back to soup and not eating at home tomorrow, so a restful weekend.


  • Hi Suzuki. I'm sorry to hear you have a long wait for your scan results. "Try not to worry" is easier said than done!. I hope you can keep yourself busy these next few days and you can stay in the moment as much as possible. X

  • Hi Missfitz, lovely to hear from you I hope you and family had a nice holiday. As you said about living in the moment, probably that is what I am doing by not wanting to know until I have to know. Thanks for that it makes more sense. I am due Avastin Thurs so if anything wrong that will be cancelled so I am just letting it unfold. Gosh Ellen in Arc would be proud of me if she knew. The weather is really nice although cool, I think there will be an Ovacare Coffee morning mid May in Cork to be confirmed, if you feel like coming. Best wishes Joan

  • Suzuki,did you ring about the results before you met the oncologist? I had my pet scan last week but not due to see the Onc til the 8th of May,which is torture to wait.xx

  • You can ring the liason nurse, if you are in the same hospital as me. She will be there Tues morning, I think anyone going on the Thursday are the forgotten people. She will actually be in gynae outpatient clinic on Monday pm with him if you want to ring her, do you have her number?

  • HI Annie H, I am seeing the onc on Monday, I went for Avastin last Thurs and got it so I assume nothing has changed much. I will never put myself through this torture again. I knew onc was away, while I did message the Liason nurse, I got no reply. I think what happened was that the Reg didnt know the prof was going to be away and said I could have the scan on a thurs and back on the Monday for the result. The Monday turned out to be a bank holiday, he was away for the 13th and next Monday is his only clinic for April. If I had know that would have delayed the scan. So Monday pm is D day. He is under pressure because he has been away. You have a long wait too, but hopefully everything will turn out okay for us both. I dont have a lot of side effects from Avastin maybe aches and sinus for the most. Wishing you well

  • Thanks Suzuki.I go to the south infirm.,Like you mix up with scan and prof app also and like you I've often left msg with Liason nurse with no reply.We can't dwell on what If's.I too am hoping to retire in a few months,life's too short now to suffer fools gladly,I want to enjoy time with family and I'm trying very hard to enjoy time with "Me" and get to know myself again.I know it sounds silly.I'll try the support shoes,was wearing UGGs but still in pain.Your right to take a break from the choir,it must have been a very difficult decision to make but putting your self in the way of negative vibes is not in your best interest and that's what's important.Enjoy your weekend.xx

  • Sketchers are good and light and some of my workmates are wearing navy ones under their navy workpants. I got shoes for work but my runners at the moment are from Eco, You are perfectly right about the choir. I have done some soul searching and definitely there were vibes, I had been unsure for a bit and did try and ride the storm but I have enough storms to be going on with.

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