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just some thoughts

Sitting here, and looking out at the sky darkening with dinner cooking. Had been feeling a little sorry for myself over the past few nights as the dreaded side effects of treatment were hitting me.

Then I hear of lovely friends - one in hospice now, another facing surgery today for spread of nodules to lungs; another whose treatment was deferred : again, and until I had watched The One SHow I was pitying myself. Also, a cousin's husband had a kidney removed - 2 of his brothers have already died from kidney cancers - so everyone has a problem.

So, today, got up and raised my inner spirits and went for a walk - of course overdid it, and had to go to bed when I can back. But at least I got up - twice today as it happens.

So, while winter is coming and the central heating is required - I will look at the bright and good things in my life and a little joke for so reason at all:

What did the fish say who when swimming up the river, hit a wall.... (wait for it) ...DAM.

do you get it? - I know, a poor attempt at humour, so won't go on public tour just yet.

Love to All


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Love the Joke :)

Well done on being so positive Dasies and not letting this damn thing take over. What a lovely positive and inspiring post. I wish all your friends and family well.

xxx Trish


Me too Daises, sending you a virtual hug. Saw this joke Today. What does the Queen call her speech 'The ONE show' ha ha xx


Good for you. Have been feeling sorry for myself too with nausea and dry retching following radiotherapy but you cheered me up! Trouble is when youve liver and lung mets that need pallative care and you are not having treatment and know it could be growing it gets you down but you have cheered me up so much with the joke I am off out for a brisk walk now, shake myself up and go out and celebrate being here! Thanks, Carole xxx


You ladies are so incredibly brave I feel like a total wuss for whining about nausea and using oxygen when I was getting chemo. My cancer was caught early-stage IIB, After surgery March 2014, I had almost weekly chemo from April 5th until August 5th, with time off for a hospitalization. I am supposedly cured but I have a hard time believing it. 

Reading about palliative care puts me in awe of your bravery and makes me wish like hell I could help you - that might be the nurse in me. A problem must have a solution, right? But it doesn't. It just doesn't 


Hi Daisies, Just to let you know what a very positive person you are, those dreaded dark nights and dreary days are with us again but still you get up and go out. I hope your treatment is going well for you. All is well with me at the moment (CA125) is slowly rising but I see my consultant next month so will see what he has to say. I hope all you other Ladies are doing well. I must get back to my knitting on this wet morning I am knitting my husband a jumper ( were you ever sorry you started something:? ) Regards Kittie.

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I sent you a reply Kittie but lost it in space. Well I was never good at knitting, at school the same sock was turned at the heel for years and never progressed, I had to pretend it was the second sock but I doubt the teacher believed me somehow. It is indeed dreary down here again today, heavy rain at times, I did get out but not for a walk . Trying not to think of scan tomorrow, I rearranged it all to do the scan and treatment in the one day easier on the mind and actually the radiotheraphy staff accomodated me without too much fuss which was nice. Good luck with the knitting


Hi Daisies, sorry you were feeling down, I think we all get days like that, I was having a lot of them and went to Arc Cancer Support House and that was before the winter set in and my break. The thing is to try to focus on other stuff besides treatment, and every day tasks. Hearing about others misfortune can hit us badly because we are in a delicate place. We feel guilty because we are able to have treatment but we dont owe apologies to anyone for that, that was pointed out to me. Today is a gloomy day too, I headed out to post a book on Kinsale Harbour to my brother as a way to say thank you for minding us when in Nice. I have choir tonight its a fun choir held in UCC student centre every wednesday night so you could almost say I am going to College. I love your joke so you have that sense of humour to hold on to. Hopefully Ovacare will have a coffee morning before Xmas and we can all get together and catch up. Thinking of you Joan


Hi Suzuki, Just a quick post to wish you the best of luck with your scan today and I hope your treatment goes well. Kittie.


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