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Hi Ladies and Gents, well I got the result of bone density scan which isnt great, I have a fracture upper back so heading for another back xray. I am being referred to rheumatologist for my hip etc. So my gp gave me a choice of Fosavance or Prolia injection. Since the tablets are weekly I went with them because I felt that if I needed chemo, it was easier to stop tablets and have chemo than have prolia built up in my system. Both have more or less the same side effects and same effect according to my gp, If any of you are on either, I would appreciate your input and advice. I did ask my chemist but she was non commital and felt I should consult with my oncologist. In the meantime have teeth to be sorted before I start anything. My gp said there was a deterioration in a matter of years which could be put down to OC and the side effects of chemo and steroids. I dont take steroids unless I am on chemo. I felt I was hit by a bus by the time I came out of the surgery, I could refuse treatment but I would be looking for trouble.

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  • Hi Suzuki,

    Sorry you are having a bit of a rough ride at the moment, I have no real experience of this,but you should do what you feel is best for you.Im presuming you are in a bit of pain at the moment,I hope you have been given effective painkillers.

    No one wants more chemo,but I think I am with your train of thought, it's more important to keep living with a decent quality of life.

    Just wanted to send best wishes to you as you do to so many people.

    Hope someone on here can help you more than I felt I have,

    Love Carole xxx

  • Thanks for your thoughts Carole, I got the script but he forgot painkillers so had to ring him, So will pick that up tomorrow. Since my veins arent the best and would be used every six months for pre injection test, I think the tablets are a better option. It would seem I have a high pain threshold and while I did have a bit of pain in the fracture area, it settled when I rested. So no wonder my poor legs are in bits because obviously I wasnt walking properly. So to keep me occupied while off chemo, I have a new hobby going to a Rheumatologist for steroid injections for my hip. The physio didnt work for me but that happened before with my shoulders. The gp said the chemo may contribute to this. So instead of coming home and having a good cry I did my usual Thurs things and stopped for a cuppa. I met a lovely young girl who has started working where I used to work so her bubbly attitude brightened me up immensely.

  • Love your cheery attitude, it's the best way to be since you are in the hands of the specialists.My hubby has been in severe pain and has found out it is arthritis,so he has been to physio today and it has helped,but will never cure.Its very hard to know with us wether it's the effects of the chemo,or wether we would have had it anyway.

    All we can do is make the best and get on with life, we have so much to be thankful for and you sound such a giving person.

    Good luck with your new hobby!

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Yes Carole exactly. I came across tumeric tea in a health shop and I am starting to drink that once a day with honey its not too bad really. Its Pukka Brand. Its also supposed to be good for OC and inflamation. I am glad your husband is getting relief from physio, arthritis is painful and when the cold and damp weather gets worse it doesnt help. I do feel looser from the physio so it wasnt a complete waste of time and money.

  • I'm going to look into the turmeric tea! Good luck to you

    Carole xxx

  • Hey Joan!

    Sorry to hear about this! I am afraid I don't have any wisdom for you but I think I will be needing your wisdom at some stage with the results of my dexa scan! My GP rang me before I went away and told me my T Score is 2.3, 2.5 is osteoporosis so mine is borderline osteoporosis!

    Hope everything goes ok for you!


  • Hi D Certainly go to your doctor and see what you can do to help. You are younger than me so may not need intervention just a change of diet to dairy etc. My sister has osteoporosis and cant cope at all. In general she is a bad patient anyhow, So it is probably familial. Ah sure I am a tough old bird and it could be worse, it could be treatment for something else!!!!

  • Hi Suzuki, what a lot for you to take in,we really don't know what OC can throw up. I cannot offer you any advice but to try the medication and see if it works for you if not keep going to your GP or rheumatologist until you get relief. Take care and I hope you get some relief. I think when I am in for my review next week I will ask about a bone density scan. Kittie.

  • Hi Kittie, I am going to stick with the tablets, must get my teeth sorted and then start on them. I think you are totally right in looking for a DXA scan and perhaps other ladies might do the same not to be caught on the hop like me. My sister does have it but as I said she is a bad patient and is always in and out to her gp. I am the opposite, just when the need arises I go, I think I have been taught a lesson though, mind myself.

  • Like you Suzuki I to have a high pain threshold it will be put to the test next Wednesday when I go for my Ultrasound injections in my thumbs for my osteoarthritis. I also have it in my left hip but they are leaving that alone for now.

  • Hi my friend has osteoporosis and is pain free unlike others with osteo..and rheumatoid. Her gp told her of a new treatment that rebuilds bone which is very promising. Meanwhile she continues to eat well and exercise. Wishing u all the best.

  • I am on alendronic acid for my crumbling back. Have been nauseated with some vomiting and really unwell since it started. I didn't know what was causing it all and still don't but my oncologist suggested it might be the alendronic acid which can cause those symptoms. So I have stopped it and will go to the GP next week. I am disappointed because unlike tha calcium, alendronic acid does some repair work and a weekly tablet is easy to take even if you do,have to stay upright for half and hour after taking it. Anyway, I wil see what the GP says. Cancer is so complicated isn't it? The oncologist blithely says that it isn't the cancer which is in remission. Strictly speaking she is right but as I was healthy prior to diagnosis and treatment it is the cancer or the treatment that is at the root of most things.

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes you do have to stay upright for half an hour without food. My sister insists on standing in the kitchen but I would hope that this isnt the case, I would like to pass the time by tidying up the house as in before brekkie.

  • Wow you are keen! 😉 I think you would have to be careful not to do anything that means bending. I hope it works for you without the side effects.

  • Hi Joan, so sorry to hear about the fracture in your back. I can't imagine the discomfort & pain you have been feeling. I hope the Xray happens soon & that the medication gives you some relief. You are such a warrior; always my hero! Sending healing thoughts! Best Chickpea X

  • I seem to have a high pain threshold so that can be a drawback, I probably did have pain there which would go when I lay down thought it was age haha. I have been googling have to admit and there is really no great difference between the two drugs,, Prolia the injection is easier but you can get cellutitis in your legs from it so think I am doing the right thing. So in the meantime physio says its better to continue with treatment until I see Rheumatologist. I didnt want to see this particular one but my gp insists he is good. He was the guy who told me I had a recurrence but it might be good for me to face him. It wasnt his fault and if I cant hack it, I will get another referral.

  • Hi Joan,

    A high pain threshold is without doubt a drawback. I think it's partly a woman thing, but we do ourselves no favours in the long term. I think having a high pain threshold and being dismissive about twinges and aches may have lead to my missing symptoms that landed me at a Stage 4 diagnosis!

    You mentioned Turmeric tea earlier. Have you tried 'Natures Best' brand Turmeric tablets? It's a fairly substantial dose.

    Hope you get some relief soon,

    Debs xx

  • No actually I have been looking at them in the health shop following on from an add I saw but havent purchased. Yes am wondering how I came to this but hopefully will get answers in the next few weeks. In the meantime I have booked a few days away in Malaga at the end of the month. So if appointments have to be changed so be it haha.

  • Hi Joan, I don't have words to soothe your best that I can do is that , I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless


  • Ah Naimish that is so kind, my husband just put his eyes up to heaven thank you

  • Hi Suzuki, I'm sorry you've now got this to contend with. Im sure you've been uncomfortable for a while and I do hope once this treatment gets into your system you will start to feel relief. Wishing you well. Ann x

  • Hi Ann hope you are doing well, I will probably feel better about it in a few days, my physio wants me to continue treatment until I see the Rheumatologist, She feels he will review my gps report and meds so on with the traction, My sister does suffer from osteoporosis and has had a few foot fractures. So I suppose it hit me a bit because of that, Then on the plus side I always try to keep positive so I hope the mojo will come back in a few days. So first its the dentist, I was googling the Fosavance last night and one plus is that is seems to prevent bone mestasis when you have cancer so there is a plus to it after all, Thank you for the reply

  • I thought I read somewhere that you don't get bone mestasis with ovarian cancer!

  • Not sure to be honest, my onc and gp are happy that it isnt present now, I have back xray next week and waiting to see rheumatologist. So have had one filling and need extraction. I am heading to Malaga tomorrow week for a few days of sunshine and vit D. I will start the fosavance after the dentist is finished with me

  • Hi Suzuki, sorry to hear you are having a rough time, can't add much in wisdom, just to say thinking of you.

    Take care

    L x

  • Thank you I will just have to get on with it and do what I am told, I will settle in a few days, I needed a dental check up anyhow as have at least one filling to get done.

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