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Summer Weather,

Hi everybody, we have all gone so quiet in this lovely weather and I hope all of you are able to enjoy it. I would normally tolerate heat fairly ok but at the moment find it more difficult. I am wondering if any of you on Avastin feel the same as me. I have returned to work doing shorter hours. Last week was my first week and although tiring, it was good to have a structure to my week. I had gone dreadful moping around the house. I think I was even getting to one of the dogs in particular. He has improved since last week. Strange isnt it how pets tune in, the other two had been through chemo with me before. This guy hadnt, he developed a limp about two months back, and poor vet was at a loss as to what was wrong. We didnt go down the xray route as clinically he was ok. But this week he is almost himself again and I think its because routine has been established once more in the house. Best wishes to every one

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Hi Suzuki, Your right all is quiet at the moment but the weather is really lovely at the moment. Its good to hear your back at work and all is going well for you. I have just discovered that Patients Day held in Cork is now on the forum for us who didnt make it, I have just listened to Maureens story (I wont try her sir name) she is hilarious and a real tonic. She said she likes needlework I have some needle craft mags and the bits and pieces that come with then my brother sends them from England to me but I dont have the patents to use them, I will bring them to Cork when I am at the Coffee Morning and Maureen is welcome to them if she is not there maybe someone who knows her will be.Enjoy the good weather everyone long may it last.


Yes I am going to look at this later this evening, Maureen was just hilarious I agree. She made the day definitely. The weather is fantastic but for someone who loves the sun, its not doing it for me at the moment. I dont seem to be able to tolerate it much but am heading out now in a few minutes. A little is good for you


HI Suzuki. Great to hear you are back in work, however, don't overdo it. I am like you, on Avastin, and find it difficult to deal with the sun. Still enjoying it though and trying to be sensible in it. The parasol is up permanently so that when I want to sit down to read the paper and do the crossword etc, I am in the shade. But I still love the summer and do the garden in the late afternoon & early evening. But the strange thing is that I can still go for a walk when it is sunny. Take care.


Hi girls.

Great to see a bit of activity on the site again. Isn't this weather just wonderful. Glad to hear ye are all enjoying it. Am half way through my treatment for recurrence - 3 cycles done, 3 to go. Just heard that CA-125 is heading in the right direction - so breathing a bit easier these days!

Suzuki - delighted to hear your return to work is going well for you.

Dasies - hope you have a fantastic holiday - it's great to have something to look forward to.

Kittie - isn't it great to be able to access the patient day information so easily - I'm sorry I won't be able to go to the coffee morning - I've been to them all and really enjoyed them but we are away that weekend. Hope to see you (and everyone else) at the next one. X


Hi Missfitz, glad your markers are going the way we need them to go. That is a positive sign so hope you have done something to celebrate. Was with oncolgist last week and he is happy so hopefully the scan in July will match the markers. On one of the papers today, either the Star or Sun, read through it during my tea break, it mentioned that fasting is good to boost the immune system during chemo. I am only doing 12 hours work as negotiated. It is enough to be honest. No point in overdoing it. I wont be at the coffee morning either, have birthday to travel to that day unfortunately. I did browse the site but didnt open the clips for the info day but will do it later. I hope Daisies you will have a lovely holiday and I look forward to meeting up with you all later in the year. Kittie am sorry wont be able to meet you at next coffee morning but hopefully we will meet soon. To Cathanne and Trishley and everyone else hope all is good


I'm melting here in Dublin. I've been on Avastin for 14 months. I'm not a great sun worshipper but I'm enjoying being in the sun for just a little bit every day. My Newfoundland and I are taking it real easy x Trish


Me and my cavvies all three are also taking it easy. The reason I asked the question was that I was unwell at weekend, and didnt know what to blame it on, prob dyhdration due to the fact I was back at work and not having as much cuppas as I was haha. I am fine now, it could have been a bug as been on Avastin since Oct and I usually love the sun. But I am taking it easy, shorter work hours and making sure I dont stay outside for too long. Hope your doggie is okay during the heat, Newfoundlands have thick coats dont they? I read some where a good tip is to get a jug of water and pour it around dogs necks to cool them down. It is fab here in Cork 32 in car today and my niece is in Tenneriffe and its cloudy.

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Double coated, but she's hanging out in the shade. Thanks for the top though, I'll try that :) I had Avastin, a head cold and a MRI scan last week. The mixture of Avastin and the MRI liquid and injection didn't react well at all. I was quite I'll for a couple of days and in a lot of pain. Just to bear I'm mind ladies in case you are going for a scan around Avastin time! Xx Trish


Thanks for that, they have booked me for ct scan in four weeks and afterwards away I go for my Avastin, maybe I should change it. They told me to have two on one day so they can claim vhi for ct scan but if it makes you that ill it may not be such a good idea. I have a window to change it because oncolgist will be away anyway so wont be able to acess results until Aug, it prob wouldnt be good for the nerves in any case


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