My crumbling fillings

Hi Ladies, I went to the shop this afternoon and popped in to Aldi and could not resist a bag of choc eclairs for 59cent. So, I had one, two, three and went on to no 4. Alas, my lower wisdom tooth came apart at the seams. My dentist will be so chuffed with me not as he only added a piece of filling there a few weeks ago. So its either an extraction or a big filling. I think my teeth have deteriorated with Avastin or is it with age. I should also stay away from the sweets, but it is St Valentines Day after all. I forgot to mention I had chocolates aplenty since Xmas and still some unopened but I just had a longing for chocolate eclairs, Who is sorry now.? Well it is so cold and chilly today. I hope everyone is doing as good as they can do. The stove is lighting so going to have a cuppa without a biscuit. Oh I forgot to mention, I did stop at no 4 eclair in case I do more damage. Hope to see you all on Saturday

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  • Hi Suzuki, what a thing to happen I know the sweets you mean I buy a bag every other week and keep them in the fridge as I like them cold .Hopefully you havent done to much damage to your teeth it will make me more aware everytime I pass the fridge and fancy an eclair sweet. I hope to make it on Saturday for a catch up. kittie

  • That is great Kittie looking forward to seeing you then, I just had a longing and who is sorry now?

  • Ohh poor you ! A price to pay for something nice,so much for the saying "a little of what we like will do us no harm" ha ha.I agree with you about the Avastin,it does weaken and affect the teeth as well as the bones.I too have the stove lighting,shepards pie in the oven and trying to time my meds.Ive got to take them 2 hrs before food or one hr after.

    I hope you get on ok at dentist and it's only a filling you need.Hope to see you Sat.xx

  • I will have to go to the dentist as its a crater and will only get worse if I leave it. I like Sheperds pie too, its nice and easy to eat and you can add veg or cheese if you wish. Hoping to see you on Sat, I could be gumsy but I did enjoy the sweets

  • Those sweeties..... So hard to resist ! Dentist , we all hate at best of times, :( hope it's not too painful,

    Take care

    L x

  • I am mortified as he just patch it up a few weeks ago and now I have undermined all his work because I wanted chocolate eclairs, I should have kept to the cake variety

  • Ah Suzuki !god choc eclairs are experts at extracting fillings !! I have been there an worn the teeshirt . But it wil b sorted an they were just what u needed at the time . Hope 2 meet up on Sat an put face on you all. πŸ˜€

  • Yes despite the fact that I had chocs and two tins of sweets available, I craved chocolate eclairs. Have appointment with the Dentist tomorrow. I was at Opticians today and the sight in one eye has deteriorated possibly due to Avastin so my lenses need to be changed, I will have to wear my glasses a lot from now on, but unfortunately I wont look like Brenda Dennehy from 96fm with blonde flowing locks and designer glasses. Hope to see you on Saturday with out without my wisdom tooth

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