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    'Heartbleed' security issue

    I am passing on, as requested, a message from HealthUnlocked about this security issue but do not know anything extra about this myself, but there are two links at the end of this message:

    A major online security flaw called Heartbleed was ...

  • Its now five years since my Ivor Lewis operation.

    So how are things after the last five years. Overall life is very good, lead an active life and back to working full time.

    Here’s my list of the good and bad five years on:

    Take Omeprazole 2 x 20 mg a day. Find what works for me is to take ...

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    strange sensations n

    Hi does anyone else have strange sensations in the throat area since having had surgery? I am 19 months post op and find these sensations very strange...they are not painful but i still have pain my rib area and in between my shoulder blades.


  • Minimally invasive oesophagectomy

    Although not a cancer patient, I know a few who have had the Ivor Lewis oesophagectomy and am familiar with the shark bite scar.
    However, yesterday I was really surprised at how small and neat the wounds are from minimally invasive techniques now ...

  • IL Follow up

    Just discovered this site - wished I had found it sooner for all the advice and reassurances it has given me. I am curious as to what other follow ups people have had. With other types of cancer some people have had follow up scans, etc. Since ...

  • One year post Ivor Lewis operation

    I would just like to thank everyone at the Royal Derby Hospital: Mr Leeder (surgeon) and his team the ICU, Step Down wards, physio staff and Rose Wallis for her ongoing support.
    Another thank you goes to everyone associated with OPA, The ...

  • i had a oesophagectomy 17 years ago for barretts and severe dysplasia. Two years later I had my gall bladder removed. Reflux is a problem.

    I am 62 and in reasonable health. I have psoriatic arthritis for which I inject methotrexate once a week which has controlled the arthritis well. I seem to be suffering more reflux problems in recent years particularly at night.I take nexium but ...

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Hi Everyone, I had my 31/2 year check up and my surgeon is pleased with my progress and my fitness levels are getting better, eating still a bit of a problem but no worse than many of you. So, for all of you out there just beginning this hard and ...

  • Referred question about Peg Line

    I have been asked this question in a different forum but don't feel qualified to answer it.
    Hoping some on here may help.

    "Hello I am the wife and caregiver of a Esophageal cancer patient who is on a peg line,(12-15 hours a day). He is having ...

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    Talking about it!

    One of the interesting things to come out of recent studies about the experience of cancer patients some time after their treatment was the number of people who felt sufficiently perplexed or depressed about their situation that they needed proper...

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    Stent pain control advice? n

    My husband, Bob, had to be taken off chemo after two regimens as it caused neutropenia and a saddle pulmonary embolism. They kept him in hospital for a week and fitted a stent. The ct scan showed that the tumour had grown and more nodes wre ...

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    Medway n

    Sorry to report that Medway is no longer with us. His wife sends us all her very best wishes for the future

  • sorry going on again! could it be psychological?

    I hope i am worrying for nothing, maybe my symptoms slight pain in my ears and jaw, food coming back because of overeating are psychological as I am worried about my hospital appointment on Monday and I am stressed at work...not sure if these ...

  • still no help at work

    Hi sorry to go on again about work....my manager still won't accommodate me, I have requested a timetable change de to pain i get when walking any distance, resulting in having to take painkillers, at the moment i do transport and travel with ...

  • A lighter side to the op.

    Prior to my op in Feb`12 and being married for 33 years my wife always complained about me snoring.....it never woke me up!
    Now just coming up for 2 year post op, the boot is on the other foot. My wife says I hardly snore at all now......but now I...

  • Not good news...

    15 months post op my husband has started to experience bad acid reflux. An endoscopy has shown he has stomach lesions and the biopsies show it is the same cancer which is classed as "recurrence". A CT scan shows no further spread to other organs. ...

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    How to help my husband who has been recently diagnosed with T3 adenocarcinoma? n

    This is my first post, so forgive the naivity. My husband is to start 9 weeks of chemo tomorrow in Shrewsbury Princess Royal, prior to an operation. He will be given 5FU, Cisplatin and Epirubicin with a portable pump. We understand that every ...

  • Treatment advice

    Hello all ,and, seasons greatings

    I have terminal esophageal cancer for which I was given 9 courses of Xeloda over a nine months period.

    The chemo didn't help very much and inflicted Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) in my hands and feet.

    Now the ...

  • PPIs

    After oesophagectomy the majority of patients take PPIs for life to control reflux.
    Do these drugs also have a protective effect on the remaining osophagus and stomach or is it better to try to come off them.

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    3 weeks post op. n

    I had my op 19th November. It was a 12 hour op, Ivor Lewis. It all went well and I came home 10 days after. My difficulty is with the eating, I don't feel hungry or thirsty and nothing has any taste and the texture of everything is either ...

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