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Told I got OCD by docs but still hard to work exactly how it affects me as its normal to me

Hi I have OCD but can't notice the ways it affects me because I think I'm normal little things like I count 123 while tapping my fingers to it which gets a lot worse when stressed obviously cleaning but when I talk like this I suddenly realise its worse as I speak about it I just realised I can't go to work if my things r not all in order now I think about it it actually is messing me up I'm I over train for adrenaline back up to 3hours a day no time to socialise got to clean train clean train work no time for and count and tap more and as stressed because cant work dred to think all the other thinks I'm doin without noticing o my thing with death don't no if this is OCD it's on the anxiety page thanks I'm just trying to sort my self out now thanks

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That is one of the symptoms of OCD that even though u know your behaviour is different from others but u still do not find anything dangerous abt it. Well ur counting and cleanning are not harmful to anyone but u. U are investing your time in unneccessary things and the fear that does not exist at all. I uderstand it is hard to avoid such activity but when u want to do it start deep breathing. Well to be honest I am also a new patient of OCD just trying to help. Whatever I suggested is what I read about OCD. You can check too and find what works best for u. Stay happy and healthy.

Best wishes.


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