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Retroactive jealously and OCD is ruining my life. Becoming emotionally dependant on partner. Seek anti-depressant advice

Hi everyone. I'm a male in my 20s and my partner and I are madly in love.

She's so perfect for me and that idea makes this so much worse as a result. I feel sick constantly and its ruining my life.

I cannot deal with her sexual past and I think about it so much and it hurt so bad. I've gone into rumination now and can't get out of the habit of this excessive thinking. I've recently started snooping too which makes things so much worse (received a text etc).

I have tried counselling but it hasnt seem to have worked for me. I was wondering if anyone knows of any medication which may relieve the symptoms and allow me to enjoy my life.

I have been on antidepressants before but they gave me bad ED issues which I'd like to avoid in whichever anti depressant I take next.

Any info would he greatly appreciated.


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To be honest, I don't know that this is a matter for antidepressants, particularly as you have had side effects that won't do much for your relationship.

Almost every adult has a sexual past, and you are going to have to deal with it whoever you get involved with. I'm sure that you know well that it doesn't make any sense, feeling how you do, but remember that your partner's previous relationships are in the past, they didn't work out, and she's with you now.

I don't think that discussing with her would help. But please don't snoop on her. That is a violation of trust, and she certainly won't like it if she finds out. Think how you would feel if she was snooping on you.

Try to think of it from her standpoint. She has to deal with your past, as well. Remember that we learn from our past experiences, and hers, good or bad, have gone into making her what she is and into the good partner she sounds like.

Give counselling another go. It really would be a shame to let jealousy spoil what you have

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