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About my mum

Hi there,I have to stay with my 83 year old mum,as she is terminally ill,and on medication,she is being more and more obsessive with -ie - needs to keep kitchen sink dry all the time,I try to humour her by drying basin and sink but then she,ll get angry at me for not drying it properly and will put cloth on radiator to dry,which is a constant vicious circle throughout the day,and I am losing my patience.Its amazing how often I need to wash my hands,have drink of water,prepare meals ect ect,she needs me to be patient,but I find myself raising my voice.Help!!

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How long has she had OCD for? X


Sorry to hear by the way, thats she's ill, the stress/pressure you're going through. Dont be hard on yourself, you're only human. Xx


Thanks for replying,the OCD started about 6 months ago,everyone has their own silly wee ways,I suppose old age and medication contributed to her behaviour,which in turn leaves me with my own bit of OCD with horrible thoughts entering my head,and hard to push them out again.I feel I,m not being patient with mum,so thanks for encouragement.How are you?

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Are either of you being diagnosed/treated for OCD?

I'm not too well at the moment to be honest. I've got sinusitis. Hoping the worst is over now though. And back to work tomorrow. X


No as not real OCD I saw a post from a girl and so very scary what she goes through me and mum have a mild form,mum heading for dementia and I am very stressed at the sadness she is termimally ill and lost control of my thoughts bad bad stuff that occurs because of her deteriorating every day but being nasty as she doesn't realise her dementia starting with medication and old age and treatment for cancer and being very stubborn woman.Do you have OCD ? What is your name,and why the interest in U.S.? X


It sounds so sad and really difficult. Do you get any time out?

Yes, i was diagnosed with OCD last year. my name is April, and you? Ha, i didn't even realise you were from the U.S. Where abouts? I'm from Liverpool in England, UK.


No that came out wrong I only meant us! I live on Isle of Mull but stay with mum near Edinburgh.Hi April,my name is Angela,and tho I,m going through hard time just now,it should get better,will get worse before it gets better.What do you feel with OCD,hope sinusitis better today.


Hi Angela, why wouldn't i be interested?

i read your post. I know what its like to live with someone with OCD. Also know what its like to have OCD now. Each very difficult positions. Yeah sinusitis is clearing up brilliantly thank god. So how has your day been today? X


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