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Ocd sexual thoughts about other people

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Hello my name is Peter it is about my girlfriend she has had OCD in the past but just lately she has been having sexual thoughts about other people it dont matter what it is or who it is and when I mean sexual thoughts I mean like what if I did this sexual act on this person.it is getting her down she feels alone dont want to go out the house as she dont want to encount situations she feels like she has done something wrong like it is a sign of guilt and shame. She has also had sexual thoughts about her own famliy I dont what to do I been to the doctors with her they gave her depression tablets but so far not working she also feels down and like she has a fear of losing me help

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Hi Peter. She needs to see a therapist a lot of people go threw this problem when they have OCD . She will need both therapy and medication, she would have to be assessed first but the sooner the better I have OCD and it's an awful illness good luck . Susan .

If li need to contact me by my email just say I'm happy to help ?

Thank you it ever since my num passed away I went through alot and I think it has made things worse on. Her

She is going through the worst battle that she will encounter a nasty vile twist of the world. An another user is right she needs therapy but until then keep supporting her, she obviously is a deep strong person as most people with this form of ocd don't tell anybody. Reminder her that she is in control and not her mind as the mind likes to be rewarded with endorphins releases caused by anxiety.

You can order good cbt boots like break free from ocd in the mean time stay strong for both of you

Hi. Have followed your post. How are things at the mo? X

Hi there,

Having done some reading on OCD after knowing someone who suffers with this, this sounds like the intrusive thought pattern. Random, innapropriate sexual thoughts, thoughts of violence or concern that someone is in danger etc can all happen, causing anxiety, revulsion, guilt and panic . I think it is important to remember that everyone in the world has random odd thoughts like these at times - it is all part of normal brain function and no special importance should be attached to these. They are not the product of a voluntary thought process or desire - merely an oddity that the brain pops up from time to time.

So there is no reason for shame . There is a world of difference between having a thought and actually carrying out a voluntary act. Please reassure her that all people get such random involuntary thoughts sometimes , not to view them as something that you have done wrong and that they will never actually happen . The more importance she attaches to these thoughts, the more she is likely to have them. Like wise, the more she avoids social interaction to try and prevent triggering the thoughts and unpleasant guilt she associates with them , the more she will be training her brain that avoidance is safe and interaction is dangerous , feeding the cycle. Train the brain to accept them for what they really are - a normal brain process , random , common , insignificant and harmless . Anti depressants can take a while to work, sometimes different types need to be tried to find the most effective. Therapy , as already suggested, may also be useful. x

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I know it's a while since you wrote this post angelite but I just have to comment on it. It's bang on! Absolutely brilliant, it's totally how I feel with intrusive thought OCD, thank you, it made great reading for me.


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Great answer

Hello 👐. This is a typical form of OCD - Pure O! I too have these thoughts. They are quite surreal when they first start but with the right help they do get better. Now i just see them for what they are - OCD thoughts. The fact they bother her just shows that they are not true etc. Nothing to feel guilty about, which i know is hard. If she needs anyone to talk to im always here.

Hi amh6971 - I have had these feelings for few years now - esp. fear of harming my loved one. Can we chat? I am so glad that I found this forum.

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hi ssd 2016 have bad thoughts every day about something very bad is going to happen to my family 1of them is ringing my son 40 times a day and if I get an answer the anxiety go's away for a bit and if he don't answer I go in to a panic were I get to the point im Sick. And the thoughts are telling me my son is dead. I also have serve depression.julie

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See your doctor as soon as possible

These are just thoughts. I would think she would never act on them.These are OCD thoughts. When I get them I just say to myself " Hello OCD thought, you're here again are you" We all get odd thoughts but some people feel bad about them. See if that works for her. Cognitive therapy helps too

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