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Is there a cure for OCD once and for all?

I started having ocd when I was 10-11 years old cleaning dishes a lot and washing hands a lot thinking hand wash wasn't washed enough and that I'd die if I touched any food with my hands or ate in a plate that wasn't fully washed off of fairy liquid. I was then banned from doing the dishes by parents due to that and suprisingly, time went on,it disappeared. At age 14, I had heavy periods and my ocd came on in a different form. Forever feeling dirty due to heavy heavy periods. I used to spend ages and ages in bathroom and toilet cleaning myself to the point it took me 8 hrs to have a shower and was admitted into hospital at the age of 18 just the day after my birthday. I believe they were waiting for my 18th birthday to admit me into an adult ward! I'm 30 now and still dealing with ocd but not at such an atrocious level. I've had cognitive behavioural therapy whereby many times the therapist gave up on me saying there's nothing more that can be done! As years have gone by, ive learnt to be tolearnt to a certain level. Thankfully all these years on, after trying alternative therapy, I can say I can think clearer after having something called cupping done on a softer lighter level on the back of my neck and on my head. At 1st, I was scared to think what would become of it but after hearing it is the norm for mental health issues, I braved it and have it a go. I now have it done every few mnths 3 times a year on my neck and on my scalp. It's a Muslim tradition called hijamah used normally in middle east to get rid of toxins from the body causing clogged up feelings in nerves. I am also on the pill to regulate periods and to lighten them since 12 years and also having spatone 'due to slight low iron in blood' to strengthen me within. Yes, I'm not cured totally but I can say it's 75-85% better than when I was put in hospital. I just want that full cure. I just want to be able to think and do stuff normally and wash myself normally on period days like NORMAL ppl!

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Hi sugarplum. Your story's quite similar to mine and unfortunately there's no total cure for OCD but there are lots of things you can try to make it better. CBT is effective for lots of people so it might be worth you trying again with a different therapist? You could speak to your gp about getting referred again. Have you tried any medication? SSRIs can be really effective for treating OCD. You might need to try a couple to get one that works for you. I recently started taking sertraline after a bad relapse of my OCD I didn't expect it to work as I'd taken citalopram in the past which didn't help but it has been great and I feel 75% better now.

I think hormones and anxiety have a strong link although many doctors have disagreed with me in the past. When I started taking the pill my OCD got so bad I was barely leaving the house and paranoid my water supply was contaminated and all kinds of weird things it was awful. After I stopped taking them I felt a lot better. If the pill has improved your symptoms that's great. I found the mirena IUS helped me.

There are some other things you can try that studies have found make a big difference but aren't generally suggested regularly by doctors yet. Probiotics are a big one. We're just starting to understand how healthy gut bacteria and mental health are linked and taking probiotics either as a supplement pill or in food such as bio yogurt can really improve some people's symptoms. Also the amino acid lysine has been found to be useful in relieving anxiety problems you can buy this as a supplement online and in some health food shops.

Good luck I hope you manage to get your symptoms under control I know how horrible it is to battle with this disorder.

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how give me the homeopatic doctors number


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