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Hi, I have been suffering with OCD for 10 years now, but recently the last week have been feeling unwell, i'm not sure if its anxiety thats making me feel this way, but i have a tight chest and was very tired over the last couple of days, i also suffer with insomnia which means i never get a good night sleep, is it the OCD making me worry or should i speak to someone? sometimes if i'm unwell nobody takes me seriously as i'm always unwell but this time i'm concern but worried i would be told i am wasting the health professionals time.

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Hi Ann I would go to the doctors to put your mind at rest. I would expect that it's anxiety and ocd that is making you tired. Don't feel bad about the doctors. Ocd is an illness too. X


Hi Ann,

I am sorry that you are feeling unwell. I wonder if you may be experiencing anxiety symptoms, maybe a panic attack? but if you are concerned and the symptoms don't ease, like justonce suggested I would see your GP.

Wishing you well soon.



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