Christians with ocd

Hi all , I'm a born again Christian who also has OCD . I suffer with the intrusive thoughts side and slightly with the checking . I've now completed my cbt therapy around 6 months ago . I really struggled for about 3 years ,It's extremely difficult to have a faith and OCD , so many times the 2 clashed , and because I didn't realise I had OCD , my prayers became rituals , so many battles , many still going on but carrying on . Just wondered if there are any others with a faith who also have OCD , thanks

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  • I am not a born again Christian but I do suffer from intrusive thoughts.

    I can understand when you say your prayers become rituals.

    I was diagnosed with OCD 9 years again and take medication and also had CBT.

    I am going through the menopause at the moment and I am not sure how much of my anxiety I get is from that or the OCD.

    I too am battling at the moment and I'm seeing my psychiatrist this wk to talk about it and hopefully get some answers.

  • Hi I'm a born again Christian with ocd. I have had years of intrusive thoughts and over the last two years have become obsessive about infections and cleaning. Since about June this year, my ocd exploded and is very bad. I cling on to my faith and I know God will help me through this. I have been on a waiting list for cbt since July 2012 and I'm hoping to get to see someone in the new year. Do you have any prayer ministry in your church as this is also very helpful. There are Christian counsellors out there who are governed by the Association of Christian Counsellors, some of whom are also accredited by the BACP. If you check out their website there may be someone in your area who can offer you some additional counselling and prayer ministry. Keep praying and trusting God. Bless you.

  • Àmen to this.I have suffered with OCD for 27 years.And although so called expert professionals in the mental health system can do their best to help you to help yourself to mange your OCD on a daily basis.The only person who can take complete control of and get rid of OCD of whatever kind forever is God

  • I think I am suffering now and don't know how to handle it. Hope u can help me!

  • I am a Buddhist and have severe ocd, I don't think it matter's if you are religious and have ocd it is the ocd that is distructive and it will interfer with what ever you do or whatever you believe in that is it's path. It's a difficult one and all we can do is try and work through it by understanding that it's an illness we have and does not stop us believing in our religion but that it does interfer with how we wish to follow our beliefs. I have ocd since about 4 years of age am now 50 I have had various types of treatment and am still having but the ocd is very strong and around 21 hours a day is dedicated to it, which is at times horrendous but I work it out as best I can. Knowing that is is something beyond my control and is genuine acepting that has been helpfull and I don't beat myself up over. I just put the intrusive thought's and actions down to being part of it, it does not mean to say I am complacent over it so that I accept I will never be different but that by accepting this part of me I am giving myself the chance to deal with it and work towards change showing myself loving kindness. You need to do the same there is nothing wrong will letting yourself know it's ok xx

  • yes i have a faith (Catholic) but really struggling with it,,I have intrusive thoughts and am obsessive though the compulsions are comparatively mild to some people,,,to make it worse I am in an abusive marriage which i have grown to loathe,,most days i want to be somewhere else,,when i see the hypocracy of the various adherents of different religions it makes me feel physically sick and i will definately be glad when the Lord ends it all,,,you are right when you say prayers become rituals,,the problem is that if a prayer is said without love,then it becomes meaningless,,OCD sufferers are so wrapped up in the problems that OCD brings,,it makes meaningful prayer hard graft.

  • You're not the only one. Still, if it's any consolation, I suspect a lot of Christians without OCD make rituals of prayers too!

  • Have to agree totally with that warppig . Since my cog therapy , I have found myself questioning more about my prayer life ... Is it genuine or is it ritual ?? In all fairness , not a bad question to ask weather you suffer from OCD or not

  • I'm a Christian with OCD, and faith can be a real struggle. Arctic Tern

  • I couldnt agree more.Despite doing my best to be positive about suffering with OCD through my Catholic faith.I am very angry with God that he has inflicted this very nasty cross of OCD on to me

  • I've had ocd since childhood and I didn't know wot it was until recently I am a catholic also and ocd affects my faith and tha I found has a names 'scrupulosity '

    It affects many people I have discovered

  • My son has OCD and it hits his faith the hardest. It seems to be the things you care about the most are what the OCD attacks. Scruples or religious OCD seems to be really tough and at the moment medication is helping but the tasks in CBT seem too scary to tackle. It would be great to get sufferers together and people who care about them just to be with other people who understand what they are going through. We live in Sunderland Uk and I wondered if anyone lives near us would like to meet up?

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