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Had to take off one of the Fentanyl patches

Although I didn't have anything wildly adverse as such, I had started to feel such awful nausea and terrible constipation. Of course constipation causes nausea so hopefully in a couple of days that will right itself and I am back at the mo to one 25 mcg/hour patch. I had one week at 50 but for the last couple of days the nausea and drowsiness have been very much more noticeable. Then for the last two hours waves of it sweeping over me. I panic when I feel sick too. I just took one off which the GP said last week may have to happen. That is why he said to have 2 x 25 on Instead of one 50.

I have had a week on them on 50 - one on each arm - and has made some difference to the soft tissue pain which can be stabbing constantly even when not moving, but I have all the same awful pains when I try to move. I hope I can last it out without trying to go back to 50. I don't know how I am going to go on till I get Enbrel and it hopefully kicks in. A lot of sleeping if I can.

Silly question. Bought some Frankinsence/ Boswellin cream and used it on my knees last night and this aft. I know Boswellin is a powerful plant steroid as once took some tablets years ago - only time I have ever taken a herbal (and it got rid of my inflammation!) - and was told to stop by Rheumy nurse, as was already on Sulpha, but didn't think this cream was anything more than something which is soothing to the swollen knees. Any thoughts?That's what it said. I am sure it is Fentanyl/Constipation/Nausea as I know Fentanyl does that as I noticed it on 25 but not been too problematic. Semi Dried Figs are good natural remedies at the 25 level of Fentanyl. .

At least my dreams might stop being insane now! This afternoon I was dragging a post box to where my handbag was, so I could post letters!! They were all very panicky things like dogs chasing me. As if I could drag a post box! I had trouble earlier crumbling oxo cubes!! I am always arthritis free in my dreams. Agile and mobile. Does anyone else find that when they dream? That they are in their former state of mobility etc?

Julie xx

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That's a good question. I am a vivid dreamer and really had not thought that my RA isn't in my dreams, I seem just to be pre RA which is still in my mind normal although I couldn't even walk today! Strange, you have made me think now . Hope your pain relief gets a bit better controlled soon, hugs Axx


Thank you, Allanah. I fear I may be in more pain as I have gone back to Fentanyl 25 but I felt so bad earlier with nausea I suddenly begged my husband to remove my dinner and dispose of it even thigh it was very nice :-(. Hopefully tomorrow better but hard to know what to do at times! Intense pain or intense


I think we would all like to see ourselves back to pre RA times or feel as we did - pain free, so makes sense in our dreams we are mobile!

Hope you are alright. :-)

Love Julie xx


Oh Julie, that's not good hun. I too hate nausea :-( Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

I have the strangest dreams where I'm floating inches off the ground, never walking normally. Maybe it's me afraid of hurting my feet lol. So weird but sometimes really good and then I wake disappointed and frustrated.

Sending you gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx


Hi Janet, probably our desire to be able to walk well again manifests itself as us not having RA in our dreams. At least we are not in pain when we are dreaming!

I have not eaten much today but hardly any nausea. Glad about that. Thank you for asking :-) Had to go repeat the Hepatitis C test today and should know Monday or Wednesday if HAH can deliver Enbrel next week and me take it to the hospital for injecting on Friday.

Nurse today said nausea definitely Fentanyl 50 and didn't think Boswellin cream on my knees but I did google Boswellin and nausea is a side effect. Whether this is just the tablet form I don't know. Many more aches and pains coming through since going back down to the Fentanyl 25. Eeekk, How are you today?

Love Julie xxx


I've sent you a massage but just wanted to say here as well how sorry I am that you have to deal with all of this :(

You made me think of dreams too now! I haven't dreamed at all lately - been so tired and am spending my nights in a semi-comatose state and can't remeber a thing in the mornings. But I'm trying to remember if I have RA in my dreams...I don't think I do but a lot of the time I dream I'm somewhere public without vital items of clothing! I'm sure Freud would have a field day with this lol ;)

Christine xx


I think people often dream this!! Argh! I think with being slender and wanting to gain weight this is why you dream this?

I hope you feel less comatose and can have some nice dreams!



Yeah I probably feel very exposed when I go out because I'm too self-conscious right now. And my subconscious is interpreting this a bit too literally :)



Yes I think so! Freud would have fun with us ... You in your birthday suit publicly, and me dragging a post box around and being chased by dogs and smuggling drugs!

I hope for more gentle Fentanyl Dreams now! I would like to be chased by Lindt giant choc bunnies who insist I eat them!

;-) xx


:D Ha, you make me laugh! That is quite an image!! I had a random idea for a tv show just this evening, will make a few notes and hope for an inspiring dream :D Will reply properly tomorrow when hopefully my tummy cramps have settled down (yes seems they've started again, was probably too soon to eat solid food).



I think you need something to digest but how much solid food and how much Fortisip is difficult to gauge. As long as it is staying long enough inside to absorb the nutrients. Don't rush to reply. Concentrate on getting well and cramp free.

Love Julie xxxx


so sorry to hear this, the patches may be causing the vivid dreams


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