Fentanyl patches now. Have written email to consultant too he won't like any of this

So in desperation my GP has prescribed me Fentanyl patches as I'm so exhausted with the pain. He cannot understand the attitude of the hospital which is effectively no erosion - no treatment.

I found an email address for the consultant and I've emailed him. I said it was a last resort as I can't get through on the RA helpline and have received no follow up letter. I have asked how he can justify withholding treatment from someone so ill they are now requiring morphine!!!!!!!

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  • I hope you get some response from your email. I know quite a few people on Fentanyl patches and so am I. I hope they relieve your pain. xx

  • I've woken up this morning feeling very sick when I move. Have been on the patches four days so not sure whether it is them or just coincidental:(

  • I think it's no coincidence and I felt queasy at first but I soon adjusted to them. xx

  • I presume they put you on 12.5 mcg/hour?

  • Sorry I can't stop my posts firing off before I've finished them!! Meant to say that Fentanyl patches can make you constipated so ensure you have lots of fluids and fruits etc to counter that.

  • I hope you get a response to your email and it prompts some action.

    I've been following your posts, what's happening to you is truely shocking! Well done you on fighting your corner! I think many people would have just given in worn down by constant pain and the constant battle.

    How any human could be treated like this when we have the drugs that could help is beyond me.

    Keep strong 🌸

  • Helzbells I'm not clear which pathway you're on, nor the grounds on which you're being refused. Can you ask for clarity from your rheumatology dept. as to why you're not meeting the guidelines? By which I mean the actual NICE guideline, not the thing about bone erosion unless that's just something adhered to by your CCG?


  • Hiya I'm on no pathway it seems. Because the ultrasound I had in June of my hands showed no inflammation (despite my issues being in my knees and elbows and ankles) I don't meet the biologics criteria. It's not enough just to fail on the dmards. I'm being told there is no treatment when you test positive and have the symptoms but can't demonstrate continuous inflammation as opposed to on and off inflammation

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