One day of enjoyment then its looking like a week of pain.

Hi all ,Just having a moan.Had a really good day yesterday as i travelled from my village in Yorkshire to Wimbledon.My friend and i had really good seats on centre court and watched Federer and Djokovich,ate strawberries and cream ,shopped and generally had a fabulous day. We only get to see each other about 4 times a year as he lives just out of London and we usually meet in Leeds,so i wasnt going to let any disease stop me from going ,besides ive never been to Wimbledon before.and this was a treat. Left the house at 7 am ,one train to Doncaster then a fast train to kings cross. Then the tube,changing trains twice and a ten min walk. I went prepared with a handbag full of drugs lol. The guys face as he searced my bag on the entrance was a picture.! Really enjoyed the day and it was great to catch up with my mate. I got the 10pm train back to Doncaster and thats when my knees and feet decided to punish me. All the way home the pain was terrible,i really dont know how i put up with it . I was meant to catch the connecting train from Doncaster to my village but i rang my dad half way back from London and he picked me up at Doncaster so i didnt have to walk any further as my feet were like balloons. Ive been pretty well the last month so i thought id get away with this day out pretty lightly but how wrong i was. Its a good job i wasnt working today as ive spent most of the day asleep. Anyway lets hope ive slept some of the pain away but the day was worth it:) Kerry.x

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  • I am glad your pain stayed away so you could enjoy your day. Like you say you can't let this disease spoil your life.

  • Hi Kerry, well done you for having the get up and go to travel to London in the first place. It's too easy to stay home because it's the easier more comfortable option but then wouldn't life be miserable. Glad you had a great time.

    Paula x

  • Hi Kerry - have you heard of the spoon theory? It's a great help for explaining to others what it's like living with RA. My physio said that it's as if our bodies are okay when we just keep to our routine but if we step out of it then we pay later. But think of people who take fun and games at fair grounds and getting drunk etc for granted and how sick they often get afterwards and yet they'll do it all over again!? So we have a right to fun too but it's got to be enough fun to warrant the price we pay afterwards and at least we appreciate it more fully than others do! TTx

  • I love that analogy, as you know Tilda, I have been having a hell of a time with friends and explaining, and now NOT and Keeping them away from me, better for my health, I really enjoyed Kerrys story, I know it is so true for soo many of use, I am learning If I am going to pay for it later, I would rather have a Quality time, than a quantity time.

    Lisa ((Hugs))

  • Hi Slimjacqui and Paula,thanks for your comments. Hi Tilda,i read up on the spoon theory a while ago and i e mailed it to a couple of my friends. I planned in advance as much as i could for the day,as well as my pills i took a change of shoes,both were flat but i knew id need my faithful flipflops. My friend planned the journey as stressfree as he could. I dont think sitting for long periods helped but it was totally worth it. Thats me done trotting off for a while ,got a weekend away to be rested for in August. It felt good to be back in the land of the living even if it was just for a day:) K x

  • Good on you! I admire your get up and go spirit! My theory is that noone has a perfect life and we have to best play the cards we are dealt! Keep going because those moments of pure enjoyment make memories which are far more precious than anything. Take care, sending you lots of health inducing hugs x

  • So glad you had a good day with your friend & at Wimbledon, hope the after effects are easing now for you.

    Love Alison x

  • Wow - I admire your ablity to do this trip - well done!! I'm off to read up on the spoon theory!

    Hope you're having a good day!



  • Keep having fun! I'd rather be in pain because of something I did, than just randomly in pain anyway. xx

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments,feeling alot better today which is a good job cos im back at work this afternoon. I know alot of ppl on here are alot worse than i am and have alot more to cope with. Im v lucky to have understanding friends and from a personal point of view i have every intention of grabbing life with both swollen hands everytime my body will let me,i need to for my sanity.No doubt ill keep learning what i can and cant do along the way but ill hopefully keep having a bash at stuff. Have a good day.Kerry.x

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