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Well today is my first physio appointment

I was going to cancel as I am having a pain day today and cannot move me arm much at all.

My daughter has persuaded me to go as they may be able to suggest things to help.

Is it too much to ask to be able to do my hair and put my bra on?

Moan over, have a good day everyone

Ps..... This is going to hurt isn't it ;)


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oh please go! My first time I was exactly like you, my husband had to dress me ect, then I took ages to walk through hospital to get there, when I did I burst into tears.

When I came out I was walking a lot straighter! she asked me about the things I was struggling with and advised me on each, she referred me to the Occupational health and to get orthotics fitted.

She told me I would get better and I did!

good luck x

Hi, hopefully you'll find physio a real benefit. I have had it every 1-2 weeks for the last 2 1/2 years and it has helped lots, between using laser pen on smaller joints, acupuncture, curapulse ( none of which hurt or require any pressure on joints thank goodness!!!) My physio has strapped my shoulder up and arranged for Kenalog injections and referrals to podiatrist and Occ therapist, helped get appointments with specialist and assessments for biologics and has been very active and instrumental in my care :)

Hi please see your physio, I have just come back from seeing mine and like you I cant move my arm very much for the pain, and no way can I fasten my bra or do my hair, so I know how you are feeling but my physio said i needed to see about getting some help urgently so she phoned and made an appointment to see my consultant and hey I got an appointment on Friday instead of having to wait till June. I'm so grateful to my physio.

Hope you can get sorted soon.

Wendy xx

Same as the others, the physio really helped me, she is doing wax baths for me , sending me to the foot doc and then hydrotherapy . Ask about seeing the occupational therapist they have things to help you get your bra on. Or wear a vest top!

I have front fastening bras, which help a bit although the hooks are still sometimes beyond me. I had to ask for help in the changing room at the swimming pool this morning, but the women are all very helpful and supportive as lots of them have long term conditions like recovery from stroke etc.

I do find that I feel so much better after taking even a small amount of exercise that it is really worth pushing myself to get there. the physios the last time i went were brilliant and very helpful and the occupational therapist is wonderful - always finding ways that i can do things to keep my independence.

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