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Have you found physio helpful?

Went to physio a couple of days ago re inflam arth in my neck and back. My physio just worked on movement in my neck at that appointment. I was really surprised at how restricted my movements have become as I have obviously compensated by turning my body around etc.

I came out feeling so much better than when I see the docs because this is something I can take control of and do myself and do it I will. I already have to, and have always had to do my own physiotherapy for my lungs every day and that is much more of a palarva, so I have the dicipline to do it for my neck, painful as it is.

Physio will work on neck stregth on my next visit and eventually my back.

Can't say I'm happy with the Celebrex. Can't take DMARDS because of my lungs and side effects I have.

I know it's not going to cure anything, but I do feel I am doing something to help myself and didn't come out with a load of crap pills.


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I always love seeing my physio too Cofdrop. She ismore informative than anyone else in my health team about the arthritis side of what's going on with me and gives me stuff to work on each time as well as info. I only see her every few months but if I'm having specific problems with joints then she will have me back for about 5 or 6 sessions twice a week at my GP surgery down the road. One time sent me through to the hospital physio dept for about 6 sessions with a machine called a short wave device for the pain I was experiencing in my wrists and it seemed to make quite a difference as wrists have never been bad like that since. She's always practical and sympathetic and I think everyone here should have a physio like her in an ideal world! Tilda x


yes!! it's almost funny, on my first visit I 'shuffled' after taking a very long time to go a very short distance, by the time I sat down, I burst into tears and the physio said 'are your feet very sore?'..... I said 'no, not at all since my steroid injection worked', she asked 'why are you walking like that then', I remember thinking she didn't have a clue, she got me up, showed me how to put my foot on the floor followed by the other foot and yeh!! I was walking normally again, oh my gosh how stupid was I haha :)

After spending so long walking in pain I seemed to have forgotten how to walk normally and I left after that session without my 'shuffle'.

yeh, who needs a crap load of pills anyway :)

ps. hello Tilda x


I really find physio is a great help too. I now really believe that it makes huge difference to try to help yourself so I do follow the physio's advice re stretches and exercise. And if I don't do it for a day to two I really notice it! A day on the sofa and I totally stiffen up and start aching. Just wish there were more of them.... Pollyx


I have to be a bit careful with mine re my rather dark sense of humor as she's a bit on the serious side. When she was giving me an ultrasound massage on my very swollen, pregnant looking knuckle this winter - I asked her if she had found the heartbeat yet. She stared at me and said "you don't actually hear a heart beat through a knuckle?". So I leave my humour in my coat pocket now bless! TTx


:-) :-) :-) Good to hear all your experiences are positive - long may your physios help you all.



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