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First Simponi injection and Tai Chi!

First injection today- not sore and so much easier than I thought it would be. MSD nurse was brilliant and so encouraging about results, so looking forward to being able to properly move again

I am also going to join a Tai Chi class- if I improve, although even if I do not do so right away, I think it will be a gentle and enjoyable way of trying to maintain some modicum of normal movement.

I wonder if anyone else has tried this - would be great to hear from you

Sending you all gentle hugs and wishing you all have a restful day

Katie x

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Yes tai chi is excellent. There are many teachers who might not be so suitable, but I sought out people who would take my limitations into account. It can be a very gentle, stretching exercise when done well, I find its kept me supple and has strengthened my legs in particular. I've learned how to stand for longer periods of time, I think the breathing exercises also help with pain management. I have learned however that its not just something you can learn like a dance routine, but has intriguing layers. This appeals to me as it helps you to analyse how you're moving. Good luck!


Thank you Cathie- my friend spoke with the teacher and he is aware of some of my limitations- seems very positive. So delighted to hear that feedback from yourself and most definitely am going to go now. Start in a few weeks, if health allows, and will keep you updated.


I Used to do tai chi its great x


Not sure my feet would stand up for this, although I would love to do some form of exercise. x


I think that if you can get a teacher who is aware of the limitations each person has then the programme can be altered accordingly. I am thinking that if my feet cannot deal with it I can sit and at least do the upper body work


Yes you can do it sitting down too


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