Fed up

I've had just about all the drugs I can have I have long standing chest complaint that bothered me about 3 times a year.now after all the RA drugs last one toczilamab my chest complaint is worse and heart bladder I'm now on painkillers and steroids What we have to go through to get some respite is unbelievable, I read all the blogs and feel as if sometimes will there ever be a real break through for us sorry if I sound a bit down I probably feel a bit sorry for myself at the minute thinking of you all val

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  • Val you have a right to feel like you do as your poorly. I know how you feel about not getting any respite.I hope you soon get some relieve.hugs to you.xxx

  • Hi Sylvi thank you, I do follow you on the blogs val

  • My thoughts are with you too, are you saying no drugs other than toczilamab? left to try?

  • No I ve had toczilamab the problems I have are worse since starting this drug so I told specialist I was coming off it for the reasons on my blog he agreed. I haven't seen him since my last appointment was cancelled thank you for your kind thoughts

  • Val sorry to here your having a hard time. I will send you positive thoughts and hope you feel better soon. Hang in there xx

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  • Your very welcome xx

  • RA is a bitch!

    Sending cyber hugs (((()))) Hope you feel better soon:D


  • Thank you your right its a big bitch val

  • Sorrry to read you're feeling so bad Val. Sending many gentle hugs from Australia. Take care. Love Janet xxxx

  • Thank you it's so good to have all these good wishes from people who know what your going through val

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