Health and Happiness to You All

Health and Happiness to You All

My main resolution is to stick to the ones I make!

The others are:

1) to be more discerning in what I do, so that I don't spend all my energy on things I feel I ought to do and have little left for more fulfilling things.

2) closely related to 1), becoming better at asking for help and accepting it ( equally In saying 'no' when I really don't want it). There is a thin line between independence and stubbornness!

3) to adapt my painting practice, so it uses less physical energy. I mustn't throw the baby out with the bath water. Just because I can't do 6' x 6' paintings, doesn't mean I can't do smaller charcoal sketches such as this one. A little boy saw it and said "it's a pity you smudged it!".

Wonderful news that Ailsa Bosworth has been awarded the MBE. Very well deserved. i'm about to send NRAS £50 from sale of my Christmas cards. Less than usual, but still worthwhile, I hope.

I wish you all a happy and healthy ( or at the very least, healthier) new year and many thanks for all your support, empathy and wisdom during the last one.



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  • Hi, I agree we should keep trying pacing !!!

    Well done on the Christmas card sale, I didn't get round to getting them this year and actually only sent cards to close friends and relatives as I didn't have time!!!

    And I love your paintings but think a lot of artists over critique their own work !!

    HAvd a wonderful new year xxx

  • Lovely drawing Jora,i am still doing my colouring in with my gel pens. it has been a year since i started doing it and i find i can immerse myself in it and it helps with the pain in my fingers. I know it is nothing like your work,but i enjoy it. Someone did mention i should try something else,but i am not that confident to take that step yet.

    If you want to do your big paintings alter the way you do them,get a bigger stool and a higher table to put your paints on and do anly a little bit at a time instead of sitting there for hours on end( i know i do this with my colouring so i know you would do the same with your art)

    Happy new year and a healthier one for you.xxxxx

  • My daughter draws and colours but I can't do it for toffee! I go over lines, get sore hands and wrists and generally it stresses me so much ha ha!

  • Try felt or gel pens darling they are a lot easier than pencils.xxxxx

  • Yes and you would have to send me bucket full of something else I don't have at times, patience!

  • And you think i do. Message me your address and i will get you some pens and a little book to start you off darling.xxxx

  • Aw that's so lovely , I'll just procure some of my daughters as she got a few for Christmas, it might make me relax a bit more!

  • I can get a packet of 8 glitter gel pens for 99p at my local store so if you want me tom get you a packet i will darling. Start of small for a start.xxxx

  • Oh that's kind of you but I'm sure my daughter will lend me some ! Yes I'll try some today And see if it does de stress me !! X have a great day xx

  • Well i can get them for you if you want

  • Mwah you lovely lady X

  • Thanks for that Sylvi. I just can't work on large paintings like that. I have a stool., but it's a very physical, whole-body process. I have tried, really I have! j x

  • Beautiful sketch, Jo. Very evocative! :)

  • Thank you! x

  • Hi Jora,

    Thanks for the new year wishes and ideas about resolutions... Mine over the past ten or so years has consisted of 'not to get so stinkingly rich that I feel embarrassed by my wealth!' - I've not broken it yet :)

    And also a good reminder to congratulate Ailsa - "well deserved Ailsa and thanks for all your hard work on our behalf- it is very much appreciated this side of the IPad screen!"

    I also love the picture - I'm surprised your young critic didn't see the animal face hidden in the background - I can't decide if I am seeing a young tiger cub or a fox? - now you budding psychiatrist needed start reading into that and declare me mad as I already carry that title with pride as 'Mad Aunt Ali' :)

    Again Jora - All the best for the coming year and 'may all the hurdles be small whilst your strides become just a we bit bigger'


  • Thank you, Ali. I can't see the animal, but don't want to, or it will never go away!



  • I'll not describe where I see it then... Not even if they torture me!!!


  • Great drawing Jo, realism rules with your resolutions. For myself I'm inclined not to make any because, as an artist, rules are made to be broken so best not tempt fate!

    Yes great news about Ailsa - I've been frothing with the honours list not having her on it for these past few years so that's one less thing to froth about!

    Happy 2016 - here's to finding ways to keep expressing yourself visually one way or t'other.


  • This is rather strange. In my Inbox, there is a message from Coniston 11:

    coniston11 wrote:

    Health and Happiness to You All

    Is that an abstract or is it meant to be a British Expressionist drawing?

    But it doesn't appear among all the other responses to my post!

    The answer is: It isn't meant to be anything; it is what it is! But if pushed I would say that yes, it's a landscape drawing, semi-abstract in style. I was responding to my experience of the lake in Chiswick House.

    BW Jo

  • Sounds very good! The charcoal work is impressive. Thanks and all the best for 2016! Doreen

  • It's all a matter of spoons isn't it? I also have had to accept that I have less to play with. My resolution is to try not to say "of course I will" , and say "if I can"...... and not to feel guilty about it. I need to be kinder to myself, but it is easier said than done!

    Have a productive New Year! Mavis xx

  • Happy New year Jo. I hope you can stick closely to your resolutions, each is as necessary as the other if you're to get through this year with less of a struggle. Love the reaction to your charcoal sketch, out of the mouth of babes come the gems eh?!

    Thank you for letting us know Ailsa has been justly rewarded in the New Years Honours list, many congratulations to her.

    I hope this year works out to be better for you. x

  • Thanks, Mavis and Heels. The best ever response any artist could wish for came from a 3yr old. His father had been showing him my works in a small exhibition. He then came up to me and earnestly asked "do you use magic in your pictures?" I gave him a knowing wink and said "sshh". I so wish this bad been caught on video.



  • Happy New Jo. I hope you have a wonderful new year and things start improving for you health wise. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you Kalel. The same to you.

  • Happy New year to you Jora and hope that your resolutions make things a little easier for you. Thank you also for sending us a donation from your Christmas Cards sale - it is greatly appreciated. All the staff are delighted with the news about Ailsa's MBE and is a lovely way to start the New Year for us.

    Best wishes,


  • Oh, thank you Emma. That has reminded me. I haven't sent the donation yet! I'll do so in a moment.

    I've got a MBE too - a very long time ago - for services to the arts and charity. In my case, and I'm sure in Ailsa's, I regarded it as a team award. So congratulations to you all!


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