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An unhappy cat

Yesterday my husband shampooed the hall carpet.

The cat has taken a dislike to her litter tray which we keep fresh and clean..She has always been very good about going out to do whats necessary but recently she just won't go out.Think that one of the cats in the Close has been bullying her so we reinstated the litter tray.

Whatever we do she will not use it and keeps marking her territory ie the hall, using both barrels.

I came downstairs this morning to find yet another puddle and pile on the carpet so had to clean up before my husband got up. The litter tray was only two feet away.

This has been going on for a little while now and I've just run out of ideas. I know a lot of you are cat lovers.Does anyone have any idea what I can try next.? I've always had cats and never had this problem before.

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I think she might be attracted to the shampoo..?/ in addition to the bullying problem?

Sprinkle black pepper on the carpet and leave for a couple of days this may be enough to deter her then you can hoover up the pepper. ( I am lucky never to have had this problem, but cats hate pepper.. there are of course repellants you can buy from the vets


Did not know this was a vets site


Hi Chalky1938.Perhaps I should have mentioned that This situation is causing extra strain on my RA symptoms as I am unable to crouch down to clean the area properly or even pick the cat up.

I do blog fairly regularly so I made the mistake of assuming folks knew my situation,Sorry!


All life is RA related when you have RA!

Cece x


Hi, if your cat is suffering stress ( other moggies bullying )s h e will indeed mark her territory. My cat won't use her tray and will only go out if I go with her in the garden. My Babs has dementia and has been bad ever since her mate died 2yrs ago. She also pulls her fur out when left alone which is another stress related symptom. There feline hormone plugins which help to calm cats which your vet should be able to provide or you could look it up on internet its called Feliway and also comes in the form of a room spray. Hope this helps and everything returns to normal soon. Xxxxxx


Hi! Yes I am a cat owner, or we should say, owned by a cat.. Anyways, my Daughter-in-law is a Veterinarian, I will ask her what you can do. When I can get hold of her today, she's on a run to finish her kids' Christmas shopping!

I had a 16 yr old cat, who started using the side of my chair for sprinkling. I was so shocked when I saw her back up to my chair and do that! My daughter-in-law checked her and found she had a bladder tumor and had very little control, but still, why the side of my chair? She thought the cat may have been trying to tell me something, or wanted my attention.

So I madea point of holding her every morning as I had my coffee, and eventually she started using the box.

Another sufggestion is, have you changed the brand of litter? Mayber she doesn't like it. Cats are very finnicky! I will get back to you as soon as I can consult with my Vet.


Oh thanks everyone for your help.Really appreciate it.Will definitely check the net for Feliway.

I think the litter is okay for her.I will try going outside with her after she's eaten to encourage her to go out.I've sprinkled the area with pepper just to see if it discourages her from using the hall.

It will be really interesting to see what your daughter-in-law says,


Well, the Vet is out LOL Actually she and my son have gone out of town tonight for a basketball game, as my Grandaughter plays in the Pep Band, and it is an especially competitive team. Will try to catch her in the morning before she takes off again!

If the pepper works, I'll tell her.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, every minute! Merry Christmas! XXLoret


Hello again, Dr. Cindy says the best way is to just start over and train the cat as you would a kitten. Especially if you catch her using the floor, immediately pick her up and put her in the litter box.

Also, best if you keep her in one room, with the litter box, so she can't wander all over the house. Just keep her food on the opposite side of the room from the litter box. Make her comfy, like a favorite blanket or pillow, etc.

She'll get the idea. You can take her out of the room during the day after a couple days, then put her in the room at night. When you see she has used the litter, you've won!!

Pepper not so likely, she'll just move to where there isn't any pepper. Good luck,


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