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a bridge to far yesterday should have not pushed it

got phisio today but they wont do anything last night after those walks which where not big ones by my account my feet hurt like hell last night and whent warm and red hot

and i woke up this morning aching like hell bugger me i feel like me legs dont want to hold me up at all this morning and just general ache like i cant get comfortoble.

woke up at 3 sweating again was not as bad as this at caravan so im going to phisio and resting on the bed all day today

god i cant explain how knackered i feel today just feel like i got this thing everywhere in me body after feeling so good about walking to paper shop and that yesterday.

legs just dont want to hold me up im desperate today to keep going and them bloody big toes hurting again

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Tell the psyphio see those feet at their worst john and hopefully this time someone will take you seriously.xx


Glad you are seeing physio John, it sounds like you are in a state. Hope they see what's going wrong and get you the help you need, let us know how it went xx


think you need to go back to gp john x


Hi John sorry your having such a hard time again. Think you need to see the GP .xx


John sorry to hear that you are still having a bad time with it all, Make appointment to see your GP, I really hope you are feeling well soon xxx


well phisio appointment told me to tell all when i see the knee specalist on 24 april and to treat things as arthritic

was going to go home after that but found the energy to get round widnes and some food for day and managed it

i have me blood through legs appointment next friday and then i have another for wigan for another type which is ultrasound scan on legs so lets see what that shows up if anything after that walking yesterday dont feel quite as bad at this minute but im going to pace a bit through the day and sit down when i have to do

it might have been all the exersise i did the day before but i dont think it was unusually more than i normaly do

the phisio told me that the knee they know its not stable but know phisio was given to ease it any so its back to me privat one i think ssee what he can do again for me.

then after this lot if they dont find out they might then send me to rumatology.

many thanks for peoples comments


Great, you might get to know a bit more after the scans then. Hope u not so pained today xx


not to bad today at moment allana just been to gym used steam and buble bath watch this space i wont give in lol WELL MAYBE UNTILL TONIGHT !!!!!!!!1 payback time


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