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not a good day after the bike pic i put up would give anything today for a body like that

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hi we had some fun yesterday with the body

but hell this morning im find it real dificult to hold mine up since the operation its like everything is flaring at me all at once

ringing in ears

arms sore

hands been cold now warm this morning

knees sore

and bloody feet sore toes and big toes blue. some one must get this on here they where not to bad yesterday

ive been told you can have flares after opps but this is rediculus befor opp was getting on quite well realy getting about at me own pace

now i dont want to put me feet on the floor cos they hurt so much i think they are rotting away and yet i had nothing showing up in my bloods

what a day this is going to be so its back to paracetomol today or ive not tried it yet diclofenic that has some ant inflamotory in it but i dont want bad guts as well

woke up at five this morning coming round i could feel me body aching like hell to start the day which i did have a bum that size on the bike cos mines shrinking and sore sitting

oh well shit happens

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Hi Minka it really is a s**t when you feel that you can't do what you want to. Know how you feel! Would it be option to phone GP? May be able to advise you. I hope you start to feel brighter soon xx

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hi miss i have never had me feet as bad as this before going cold blue then warm up at night since i had the opp just on both feet this realy is sxxt

if its no better may go to walk in centre bloody hard walking feels like your walking on your heels should never have let them in to that knee and left it like this

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Minka you might feel better if you knew what was causing your problems. Do you know yet what is going to done with your knee? xx

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no not a clue realy just wish i had stayed with what i had miss keep them buggers ourt of anything you have they clean it out yes but leave you with it not put right

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Just try to stay positive i know easy to say hard to do. I think i would get in contact with your medical team and start to ask some questions.xx

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hi im hoping podiatry can shed some light on this thing

and the feet itching and burning like hell now

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Hi minka,

The body building was great fun and gave us all a bit of a lift I'm sure.

I don't know anything about your op, I must have missed something, somewhere along the line, but I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much.

I do know something of what you are suffering, because my feet have been the worst bit of my body since day 1 of RA. My toes are often very painful and 2yrs down the line they are rigid and often feel like lumps of lead on the end of my feet. My right ankle has changed in shape with nobbley boney bits aound the ankle bone itself, and my foot points inwards when I walk now, it's always painful and stops me from walking very far.

Recently my feet and hands have been so cold at times and it's difficult to get them warm, but I'm wondering if it is due to this horrible cold weather, so I'll see if they improve when spring finally comes and it's warmer generally.

I think miss is right in suggesting you call, or better still, go and see your GP, perhaps something is not quite right since your op!

I have found taking paracetamol regularly, first thing in the morning and last thing at night before I go to bed particularly, helps a lot.

I also take Diclofenic sometimes, usually when I have pain in lots of joints at the same time. I always take them after food to lessen the chance of it causing any tummy upsets and make sure that I drink plenty of water throughout the day, that way I am less likely to suffer with constipation. My GP told me to stop them as soon as things improve, which I do.

I hope I have been a little bit of help to you and I hope you get yourself sorted out soon.

Sending hugs your way, June x

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minka in reply to petalnumber2

june thanks verry much for that

i have some diclofenic was wondering if i took this will it give me bad gut ache ?

do your feet somtimes turn blue that realy frightened me that did cold as the north pole and blue havent half gone scabby on me

i will keep up with the paragcetomol

thats been of great help

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John, have they checked ur circulation since the op? If not I would get it checked out. Also have u been checked out for diabetes, one is the signs can be hot/ cold feet. Good luck xx

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yep had circulation checked at doctors said had good pulse allanha

then they sent me for blood tests ok

so im wondering on that mri it showed disc at l4 l5 bulging but not gross he said

just wondering if this is impinging on the nerve route and that is causing problems now cos i got a bit of ache in lower back last couple of days and maybe walking of that leg a bit has done this.

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