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Fingers and thumbs

Hi all just a quick question, does anyone have problems with fingers not doing what you want them to do? When i try and get change out of my purse or pick up a pen i can't seem to grab its like my brain is not connecting with my fingers, its really driving me insane even more so when i'm at the till wanting to pay for something and i'm there trying to get my money out.

Also i've noticed that i'm tripping over alot could be walking then next minute i've tripped it's like i've missed a step.


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I keep a separate purse for my change with a large opening to get my clumsy fingers in. Strange how we learn to acommodate this horrid disease.



I have trouble with fingers.. have you sseen. I MEAN SEEN my typing typos and purses, carier bags)plastic are big nos!!, thumbs are a bit better x


I'm the same - worse lately. Can be a tad embarassing at supermarket check outs! Not in pain anymore but brain and fingers don't seem to engage that well now with zips and pulling coins or notes out. Weird - could just be getting older but I think its probably RA affecting nerve endings in hands.


Yes, I fumble and trip of ten too. So frustrating.


Mine are like stumpy sausages a lot of the time-makes doing fiddly things like finding change in purse v slow and frustrating! I might try the separate coin purse, thanks Carole for that tip :-) Happy easter all, let's hope we can open our easter eggs ok!! X


Yes, I also struggle to dig out the coins! My husband says its because I'm tight and dont want to part with the money - I'm stalling so he will get impatient and pay instead!

But yes, my hands do suffer in this way, but I do range of movement exercises to keep them supple and I do have big hands anyway, so I just put up with it mostly. I can't bend them as easily as before RA. And my grip is lousey now - like weak little kitten.

Tripping over is somethign I used to do whilst young, Mum saying pick up your feet, but again, I find it happens to me now - sometimes I wonder if I feel nervous about walking so am over thinking the steps which makes me trip?

Keep stretching and exercising and that should help.

Lots of Easter eggs may help too!



yes me too my fingers dont feel like they belong to me sometimes and especially recently when i had my falls and landed on my hands, My fingers are like sausages dont bend easily and have a burning sensation at the tips occassionally. Coins drive me mad but i too have a seperate purse that i made back when i was first diagnosed it was just for something to do but it is a god send now i made it big enough to get my hand in to be able to pick up the loose change . just a square with zip across the top but i attached a cord so i can put it over my shoulder under my coat it hangs down by my stomach but good not to have to search my bag for it. i make sure i dont have too much in there so not too heavy I just pull it out when needed.i decorated it with embroidery and sequins quite trendy but very useful. Didnt realise how useful it would be at the time :) . but you can buy these now on market stalls and bag stalls. hope you have a good easter enjoy the chocolate eggs. xxLena :))


'Dropsy' first thing in the morning is irritating. Things just slip through my fingers. Can no longer be trusted with glass objects.

Isn't it amazing how RA impacts on every aspect of our lives?


Its just one thing after another isn't it! But i do get frustrated when i know what i want to do just can't get my brain to connect, Thanks for all your replies even though we are all going through the same old things.

Big hugs and happy easter to you all.xx


Hi Natalie, I had the same problem in Ireland recently i could not grip the tumblers and I kept tripping up i thought there was something wrong till they took blood tests and found I was 90% GUINESS !!!.Hee-Hee Hope it cheers you up.Matty


I'm having the same problem with my fingers, my brain not co-ordinating with them, I work in a clothing department & get frustrated & embarassed in front of customers when I cant open the bags or undo buttons of garments to get the coat hangers out. Also this week I have had such brain fog, things I usually could do I cant do or remember how to? Does anyone else have this?

Im also having great difficulty in walking at the moment & have to use a stick at work as my hips & lower back are hurting so much, the pain when I sit down & lie down in bed. I don't know ir this is down to my Ra or not?

Rie x


Brain fog and fatigue are my biggest difficulties. I can't remember things, I can't follow/understand anything complicated, especially if lots of things are going on at once. If anything is too complicated it makes me tearful. Lost my job because of it. :-( It sucks big time. I cope now by keeping my life very simple so I don't have too much to think about.

Dotty xx


Cumberland sausage fingers ... Chunky ... Huge ... Too much inflammation around the knuckles. Picking up change and fastening/unfastening little buttons or hooks and eyes are nigh on impossible. Pressing cash machine ... Keying pin number in ...anything requiring some pressure. Once the inflammation goes dexterity returns and less broken items on the floor and coins at the bottom of the handbag!

Matt ... Sounds like you feeling a bit better?


Hi Natalie not having much of a problem at the moment but when I was bad money was a problem amongst lots of other things, getting the pound back out of the supermarket trolley was a real problem, daughter had to send grandson from car to get it out for me. I posted a blog "who says things are better these days" which gave a collection of problems I had at the time, may make you laugh



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