Fingers locking over

Fingers locking over

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I've had RA for seven years after trying just about every drug and steroids. I'm now on plaquenil and leflunomide. I'm feeling a bit better however my fingers are still swollen and I struggle with opening bottles and various things. Recently certain fingers lock over when I'm doing something and I have to pull them out of it, the pain makes me feel sick! Does anyone else suffer with this? Thanks for listening! X

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  • Hi, after coming off oral mtx I tried a few different Dmards but they didn't help much at all. I was on plaquenil until December and had developed a "trigger thumb". I was convinced it would be irreversible and was thinking surgery would be required. In December I started injectable mtx and after about a month the trigger thumb disappeard. I'm happy to say it now moves fine. It sounds like your meds need adjusting. x

  • Hi, my fingers have started to stiffen since I stopped planquil, (its probably taken 6 months to be regular) still taking MTX and Sulpha. Thankfully they don't lock hard, and I can straighten them but it's just like when we were kids and we used to squeeze and pull each others hands so they locked. However, the bright side is that it makes me smile when I remember it :-)

  • Hiya meecoo & welcome! I would think it's as paulywoo & swapshop have said & it's trigger finger you're experiencing. Even though I'm reasonably well controlled on my mix of meds I had it in my middle finger left hand, though my GP dismissed it when I first started with the problem so it became more or less totally locked, quite a nuisance as I couldn't use that hand much as it was. At my next Rheumy apointment she injected hydrocortisone which after a couple of days solved the problem & did so for about 4 months but she did warn me it was severe enough another injection may not be appropriate & I'll require a minor op to release the tendon. In the last couple of months each of my fingers of my left hand on waking are triggering so I guess she was right, except that the others either side of it have joined the party!! It's not problematic enough to me just now to require an op but would guess by my next visit I will have to face the inevitable. Some people try splints to wear in bed, as this is generally when it becomes locked when making a fist in their sleep, but I couldn't get on with mine.

    This NHS video explaining trigger finger might be worth a watch

    If yours is becoming a problem as mine did I would mention it to your GP or Rheumy. Hope this helps & now you've written your first post we'll see more of you. :)

    Love your pic!

  • Thankyou all for your reply! It's funny, since I wrote this I haven't suffered from it since! Although my knees have been hurting today a bit. I'm seeing my consultant on mon 16th so I think he will adjust my meds. I always feel a bit upset after seeing him as it's realisation of how bad my condition is . I think they may start me on the new biological treatment. Anyone know anything about this? X

  • Hi Meeco, totally get everything you describe. I still get upset at the thru my after 20 years (dx aged 16). I am about to start cimzia. According to "people near me" we are 4I'm apart so poss same doc:)

  • 4Km! Silly phone

  • Thru = rheumy

  • Thanks Nyla for your understanding. My consultant is at the royal derby. What is this medication you are about to start?

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