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Thermoskin Gloves for inflamed fingers

My hand physio recommended Thermoskin gloves for my inflamed fingers. Here is the importers website:

You can also buy them in some Lloyds Chemist branches, around £20 but worth every penny.

They are amazing and reduced the inflammation in my fingers within days. The breathable thermal lining keeps the skin warm so the micro-capillaries open up to let blood flow and the gentle stretch outer skin "squeezes" the inflammation from the fingers.

I say "reduced the inflammation" because its quite hard to eliminate the inflammation from fingers. But the improvement is amazing, I could type with them and the latest versions have a rubbery grip so you can wear them driving.

I wish I knew about them as soon as I was diagnosed...I'm still struggling to form a fist but slowly stretching the joints with physio help.



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Never heard of these but I am defiantly going to order some soon as hubby is awake to measure my hands for me. The sea fog came in last night so fast we we were sitting along the sea front having fish and chips the damp chill made me hurt so much.. This morning all my fingers a so swollen so the gloves would be amazing thanks


Thanks for letting me know about the gloves. I will be getting a pair!


Thanks will have a look x


Do they have any padding effect under fingers on Palm side?


Replying to everyone's questions. Yes they do protect the fingers and palm, being about 1 or 2mm thick, the outer skin is like wetsuit material but full of micro holes so that sweat can evaporate naturally. They can be useful pottering around the garden for example. The ends are open so that your finger tips can touch something and still feel tactile.

It's difficult to get the right size, my hands are small for a man and I measured medium but found it too painful at the start to put them on. So we bought the next size up large which was easier to wear. My hand physio said they can be worn for several hours, even over night, although its good to take them off and check your fingers are ok, e.g. getting correct blood flow. Weeks later when the swelling went down and MTX started to act I could get into the medium size comfortably. So if they feel too tight don't panic just get the next size up.

The latest versions have a rubbery grip which helps lifting bottles; because you don't need to squeeze so hard. Also holding a steering wheel was easier.

It sounds like some of you should ask to be referred to a hand physio therapist - I was and she told me about the gloves.

best wishes to all of you


EDIT: Taking them off can be tricky, take it slowly; either sliding each finger gently in turn or pulling them inside-out from the wrist. I had to get my wife to turn them the right way round; having somebody around to help was a bonus. Bless her, she is an angel, helps me so much and never complains.


Hi all I've had mine for around three years now. They can make your hands a little sweaty, but the benefits far outweigh that problem. A godsend in the winter, I would not be without mine. They can be a very thoughtful and most beneficial gift if someone asks what would you like for a gift at Xmas or birthday. I have given them to a few people with RD, always gone down well. No I do not have a vested interest in them.



I was given a pair a few months ago by my hand OT. As the weather has been warm Ive not used them much yet. Recently Ive been off meds and my hands have been clenching tight shut at night leaving me struggling to uncurl my fingers. The thermoskin gloves provided gentle support which stopped my hands from clenching.


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