How can i keep my fingers straight??

when the pain is bad in my wrists and knuckles my fingers naturally curl round I brought wrist splints today £20 each nearly fell out my wheelchair haha but my fingers still curl ! Any tips?? I'm so poor now where I'm on sick leave and on stat sick pay a free option would b great :-)

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  • Contact your occupational therapist wrist splints are free from them but they can also make personal custom made splints to help with what you need x

    Take care

    Julie your fellow poor on sick leave friend lol x

  • Hi Marnie, you shouldn't be buying splints, though I understand why. You can get these from your OT (occupational therapist) if you haven't had a referral to one yet then ask when you see the consultant next week.

    They will help you with lots of things like hand splints.

    They made me special splints for nighttime too, stops your hands and fingers from deformity, or curling as you so nicely put it.

    Write it down so you don't forget next week, or I can remind you!!

    Take care

    mand xx

  • It was Sunday afternoon and the only thing I could think of to help me. The nightime ones sound good. I'm going tontalk to gp tomorrow mand about pain relief to see me thru I can't find the bit wear I asked u should I or not because the consultant told me to stop everything but I haven't even stopped it yet and I'm in a state :-(

    I will put it on my question list

    Night all

    Marnie x

  • nite all too. Marnie so sad you had to buy them. anyway as mand says get them and the night time ones from occupational therapy.. re night time ones. they are made/ moulded to fit you and mine has a nice soft lining.. they are made by the ot,, well mine were. they are rigid construction with pink soft flece lining . with straps across wrist and fingers.

    they or rather mine is moulded closely to wrist to give cradiling support and the fingers and thumb are in relaxed slightly bent resting postion rather than stretched out

    Alison x

  • Yes that's the ones Alison, custom made by the OT!!

    mand xx

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