Cracked and bleeding fingers

Hi friends I need help I'm at end of my tether. I have done most of the biological drugs. Enbrel, Humira and for the past 2 years Cimzia. However about 8 months ago my breathing got very bad. I could only walk a couple of steps, this was put down to my COPD. But last June all of a sudden the skin on my fingers got hard and started peeling and splitting. It came to a head Xmas when my specialist said I was showing allergy factors in my blood, he said my fingers and breathing difficulties were due to Cimzia and to stop it immediately. I took a course of steroids, breathing improved and skin healed. I am going to start on abatacept soon, but the skin difficulties have started again. My fingers are raw. It's painful to wash or do anything. I have tried Diprobase but seems to inflame it and the skin hardens again within minutes. Tried neutrogena. No good. Does anyone know of a good moisturiser please. I'm going doctors end of week and would like some ideas please. Thanks for listening. Sharon.

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  • Hi this is the first post I have replied to, I have the same problems with my finger and I work outside, I use a steroid cream from the doctors called betnovate once or twice a week with a pair of moisturizer gloves overnight, I also find a coconut butter cream from wilco's very good and cheap.I was on mtx for a few years but stopped after not seeing any difference in my arthritis and have noticed a difference in my skin for the better I may add hope you get it sorted

  • Firstly I'm sorry that you are having this problem and have come off your anti-tnf only to find it has returned.

    My skin is often very dry and I used to have terrible eczema with cracks and pain. I now use Diprobase ointment (rather than cream) which I was given on prescription and which is a bit like a light, less greasy Vaseline. It really helps and protects the skin. Tilda x

    Ps It comes in big tubs so you can dip your fingers into it.

  • Hi Gary where did you get the moisturiser gloves please. And thank you for replying. Sharon

  • my mam got them for me I will try and find out were from,but I am sure you can get them in most boots they are just really thin cotton gloves that keep your cream/ointment on your hands and not soaking into your bed clothes.

  • Thanks Gary will have a look. Take care

  • I suffer with extremely dry skin on my hands and lately it has become itchy too. Just started using E45 hand cream and so far it seems pretty good. Clemmie

  • Hiya, I think what you have is dermatitis due to some allergy of some sort. I do suffer too from deep painful cracks on my fingers and also on my heels.

    I am definitely allergic to ALL washing up liquids so I am wearing rubber gloves to wash up and I never touch the washing sponge, clothe because this does trigger it too. I have stopped using all shower gels and any liquid soaps as I am also allergic to that too. I only use Dove soap to wash myself and my hands.

    I also use a fantastic moisturizer which is AVEENO Skin Relief with Shea Butter. This is the only moisturizer that works for me and, believe me, I have spent a fortune on trying so many moisturizers that ended up in the bin. You can find Aveeno in most pharmacies but it is a lot cheaper to buy it from Superdrugs. This moisturizer was recommended to me by someone who suffers badly from excema. Again, this was the only moisturizer that worked for her.

    Good luck and hope that helps.

  • Thank you everyone I really do appreciate your help. I'm speaking to doctor on Thursday. So hopefully I can get some relief. I have had eczema for years but it's nothing like this. Apparently it is known side effect of Cimzia . And because it's not yet left my body it's still causing this. Your help with the creams is fantastic so thank you once again. Sharon

  • Hi just a suggestion of the hand cream I use, "Liz Earle hand repair" it is expensive but lasts a long time and has an amazing smell, which makes you feel better.

    Hope it improves for you, I also find this time of year affects my hands badly even when indoors constantly.

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