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Thank you


Thank you for all your birthday wishes.

My night out was very different but I wouldn’t change it.

My Hubby did a great job it was a lovely surprise. I looked a right scruff but friends and their hubbies all dressed up full make up. Birthday balloons and banners up in their was such a laugh.(we didn’t need to keep the noise down . We are rather a loud group always singing and laughing . We tend to get told off🥺)

Hungover this morning and feet and ankles sore from dancing but soooo worth it .😁😁😁

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Wow, sounds brilliant. What a great hubby and group of friends 👏

I'm pleased you enjoyed it !

Glad you were able to enjoy your day (I'm saying it in whispered tones as not to make the hangover worse) :-)

J1707 in reply to Pippy25

Nothing a cheese toastie didn’t sort out 😂😂

Pippy25 in reply to J1707

Sounds good to me!

Sounds a great night, belated Birthday wishes, well done hubby too. All the better for the surprise. X

Sounds lovely! 🤩 Happy birthday 🎂 🍾🥂🎈xx

What a fantastic idea! Great big brownie points for hubby and your friends for joining in. Wishing you a belated happy birthday 🎂

Sounds like you had a great time darling.xxxx

J1707 in reply to sylvi

Oh I did sylvi. No feet made to fit into relatively stylish shoes or hobbling for a taxi at the end of the night 😂😂just crawled up the stairs. If this lockdown continues ( my friend is also shielding due to kidney issues) we are going to do it again. We’ve decided to have a gin tasting night 😂

sylvi in reply to J1707

That sounds like a boozy night for sure.xxxx