Thank you and happy Christmas all

Dear all, thank you all so much for the support I've received on here, especially after my last post when I was feeling a bit low. You all are a truly wonderful lot and make me smile, laugh and cry but not always in that order and thank you all for sharing. Also there are a couple of you I didn't reply to at the end of my last thread as I got caught up with Christmas but I did so appreciate your comments and support, thank you.

I hope you all managed a great Christmas with family, friends and loved ones. Although I was feeling so low last weekend, I'm proud to say I made it through in one piece with the help of a bottle of port lol!!!!

I did see my gp on Monday about my test results which had showed that my crp and esr we're still rising after 6 months on mtx (yes I know that doesn't mix with a bottle of port, but I did share it!!). I asked about trying to bring my rheumy appt forward and he thought it wouldn't be possible and that the rheumy would want me to be on the higher does of mtx for a couple of months anyway, which although frustrating makes sense.

He said that he wouldn't consider further steroids to deal with the severe fatigue but would if my joints flared again too. So I'll keep battling on and fingers crossed whilst I can still cross them (a luxury I know you'll all understand). He said to give it a go back to work and if I couldn't manage to go back and see him.

As for my children, well I found a couple of moments when I was in control to try and explain the RA to them and they took it in their stride and have been great. My middle daughter is particularly helpful and can't do enough bless her at age 9yrs. I asked her how she got to be so special and she said she gets it from me ...awwww I really am a very very lucky lady to have such an awesome family.

So, I would like to wish you all well and hope that you're all enjoying this festive season and I look forward to more smiles, laughter and tears in 2014, preferably the laughter please.

Rosie xx

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  • be careful writing too much because you only get a certain amount of ink to write with lol.

    sounds like you have a great family there Rosie, enjoy the rest of the festive season, im going to lol


  • Thanks Philip your comments always have me chuckling away xx

  • Rosie,i am glad you were able to sit down with your children i knew they would be understanding if they took after their mother. Next year you will hopefully get your meds sorted out and you will be a new woman then. Love

  • Thanks Sylvia, your comments on my my last thread really helped and oh yes, bring on this new woman!!! Xx

  • Hello

    Thank you

    Glad you had a good family Christmas, we up north start all over again at New Year.

    So Happy New Year, I wish you happiness for 2014

  • I'm all in favour of that ... Happy new year xx

  • What would we do without the port!

    X Ned x

  • As long as you remember to only pass it to the left Nedd :-)

  • After a bottle I was not fit to pass it ha ha!! Happy new year Ned and Dtech xx

  • Nothing better than a bottle of Warres port, a good Stilton and Christmas cake Rosie :-) although the following morning can be an problem!

  • Ha ha I go with all of that except the Stilton ... A nice ripe Brie did it for me. Thing is I drank so much I forgot I made a Christmas cake and it's still wrapped up !! Xx

  • Drink strong Malt Whisky


  • So happy to hear you had a good Xmas Rosie and that you opened up to your family....they sound amazing and I'm sure will be a huge help to you.

    Lets hope 2014 brings some relief for you! xx :)

  • Thank you and yes they are amazing and it's made me realise just how lucky I am. Happy new year xx

  • Glad to hear you feeling so much brighter:-} Children are by nature empathic and I found it best to maintain an honest dialogue with them about my illnesses and watch out for signs of upset - we can't unfortunately censor what they overhear from well meaning family and friends or hear on the news about chronic illnesses. I found it best to address this head on in a "I'm not going to die from this but sometimes the side effects of the medicines are horrid and I can feel a bit miserable - but things will get better when they find the right medication for me" and "if you have any questions or worries then you must tell me - I shan't mind and I will try to answer them as best I can". I've been ill since my 3 were very small [with kidney disease] and they've all grown up to be kind and caring adults and there has never been any resentment about the things that I can't do, rather we enjoy what I can do. I still continue the dialogue about my health and reassure them when necessary. Your little ones will be fine - I used to feel guilty, but really there was no need as children accept us exactly as we are:-}

    Cece x

  • Glad yo had a good Christmas - it's so hard to explain RA to others isn't it? Especially when on the surface we can look so well!

    We've had a busy few days which is still continuing & I am soooooooooooooo tired! It didn't help having to take MTX Christmas night but I didn't want to miss it either - can't really win!

    I'm supposed to be going on a doodle walk (dog) tomorrow but may give it a miss & rest instead before the next lot of visitors arrive on Monday!

    Happy pain free New Year everyone!

  • So lovely to see you manage to enjoy your Christmas ( with the help of port) Hopefully when your meds are sorted you will feel brighter. Best wishes Christine xxx

  • Hi, sounds like good news in a way..let's hope 2014xwillnoffer you so much respite tiy wound know boo I'm sorry fear..I, on morphinen at hte so post maybe a little comfusing the sentimentd are the ramie,,,tske care..what time tiy ar

    Horoiyalp I will send toy a poemnforvyour still I agony it's a reaaly bonkers in there. Muck love maryxxx

  • Thanks Mary, although reading your post it does look like you've consumed the bottle of whisky and port lol!! Seriously I'm so sorry you're you're in such pain right now and hope you soon get things under control, we all need your poems xxx

    I went back to work today and actually I felt better than I thought I might. Felt quite unwell yesterday and my hands are starting to give me quite a bit of pain right now too, but that has settled a little too today. Hope you have a really happy new year Rxxxx

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