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Thank You All.


For your kind words and support as always, I am now on the double lung transplant list so it's a case of what comes first the telephone call or the Infection ones a chance for life the other takes it away, I am so proud of were I have got to its been a very hard road but with Fran at my side I am ready to face anything,The first thing is I might have to stop working as my response time from the transplant team is 30minutes this will let me spend more time getting stronger and when I have the operation and all goes well it's back to work in 3 months after this. The last three years with the dreaded Rhuematoid Arthritis has been the Icing on the cake painwise but have been told the post op meds will benefit me as there is a lot of inflamation meds to help which I could not get before because of my lungs, Keep You posted.matt

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You are THE MAN Matt ! Hope that call isn't too long ! You and Fran are a wonderful couple and I'm so proud of how you have coped !

Make sure we get to know his you are X

Double lung transplant ? Easy peasy lol! Xx hugs X

mattcass in reply to allanah

Hi A getting a reaction from the new anti-bios this because I have a livin micro throat infection I have never wheezed or coughed so much in my life even when i smoked but it shows it's working say hi to the Family for Me n Fran.

allanah in reply to mattcass

Hous. Living throat bug sounds gross ' better actually use that oxygen occasionally 😜 Glad about your news and loads of love to you all ! Just been to see Star Trek movie on " date night" with hubby , enjoyed it !

Love to you and yours as always X

Listen out for that phone ringing! do u have to go to Newcastle for the op?!?

mattcass in reply to allanah

Hi Trekkie, Yes Newcastle is the nearest one Scotland is supposed to be building one but I would not hold my breath, Ha-Ha I like my pun I should be on the stage. bye for now Gym this morning, Love Matt

Soz, hands rubbish at typing ! Sorry for the mistakes ! You look after your self! X

Yes that's great news hope everything goes well

Oh Matt and Fran congratulations on getting on the list. I included Fran as she is part of the team Matt. I am so happy for you and sad at the same time as someone has to die to give you a chance of life.xxxxxx

Good luck to you both and I hope your 'throat bug' packs its bags and moves on soon.... if only it would steal some of you lung degradation on its way out- now that would be a result!

All the best


All the very best on your forth- coming operation. Here's hoping the phone rings soon. You sound that you and Fran are a devoted couple, and the love you have for each other will surly get you through. I am possitive you will be up and we'll soon. Take care xxxxx

Great news!! Having had my own recent brush with thè grim rèaper makes me even more in awe as to howwell you have dealt with everything!! M xx

Good luck, I love your optimism. Wishing you all the best, love to your wife xx

great news x

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