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Ready for the new year


Sorry I have not been on for a few days but been feeling a bit down which is not like me. I have just been made redundant as I may have said and can get used to been at home all the time. My RA is better now I don't go to work and being 60 I am resigning to the fact that I may have to retire. God knows how I am going to pay the bills or what money I can claim for, see in the new year. I want to start up my own business from home a design agency but will see in the new year. My new meds are kicking in I think so waiting for any side affects. Well thats all about me, hope you all have a great xmas and a great new year.


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Beeper,i'm sorry to hear you've been made redundant, i know from experience its not a nice feeling. You give it your all and then your out,cast adrift. I got finished 2yrs ago and i have been unable to work since.

The good news for you is your ra is taking a break so you can enjoy christmas. I hope you have a lovely christmas and a good rest before you start next year to plan how your new life will come about. Don't forget you can claim jobseekers allowance at least its something,also you should be able to get tax relief on your house. You have worked hard all your life so after putting so much into the system take some back.

Best of luck, Sylvi.xx


Hey Beeper,

Good news on the meds!! Now the world is your oyster :D

There are a few online agencies that you can sign up for in the new year re Graphic design work from home.

These are free

This one you pay a monthly fee

Also if you dont have an online portfolio yet, you can use this time to create one or update your exisiting one as that is an excellent way of advertising your design skills.

Best of luck for future and Happy Xmas.



Hi Thanks for the ideas, they will keep me busy.

Beeper Happy Xmas to you too.


Great news on the drugs/ ra front and with Custard's list of contacts Im sure the new year will be a new start .

Alison x


Hi Beeper,

Good to hear from you and I'm glad to hear that you're getting some benefit from your meds.

Adjusting to not being at work permanently is a big thing to come to terms with so i'm not surprised that you've been feeling low:-(

Have a great Xmas!

Cece x


Sorry about the redundancy - check out for info and a benefits checker - you've paid enough in!

Great news that your meds are kicking in and long may it continue

Take care and Happy Christmas

Julie xx



Goodluck with your new venture - what ever you decide to do in the new year.

Happy christmas

Sci x


Hi Beeper, I am new here, so I don't know you or your situation, but I'd like to.

I was forced to retire, go on Disability benefits, at the age of 55. I felt like my life was over, way too soon. It did take awhile, about a year or more, to accept that I was not going to be able to get back to work, to a career I loved and was very good at. Eventually I made a new life, very rich in friends, that makes all the difference in the world. Friends who care about you, understand you, accept you as you are. And now, I have gained more here.

Good luck, may it all go as you hope and want. Keep us informed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cheers, Loret


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