New Year and hopefully new me?

I decided today to treat myself to a Michael Kors handbag, it is lovely and is my statement that I am not downhearted at having RA and various other issues but merely challenged......

I'm going to grow old with RA disgracefully in jeans and whilst heels are but a distant memory I think I might even learn to dance with my friend to help keep me supple. So rock on oldies with RA lets all look forward to a great new year. lol xxx

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  • Good idea,there are lots worse than us I'm sure. Happy new year x

  • And you. x

  • Hope you enjoy it. I was treated to a lovely cross hatch Modalu shopper! I diverted my passion of shoes to handbags a while ago although yesterday my latest wedge ankle boots arrived. I'm also growing old disgracefully in jeans, don't give a hoot, in fact my h has succumbed & bought a pair of denim & the same style in black & he's not worn jeans since the '70's!

    Have a great New year!

  • Good on you! It is heartening to see the positivity winning over the gloom. All the very best for 2016. Dancing will keep you young, so no need to grow old, disgracefully or otherwise! Hugs.

  • Great attitude! Happy New Year X

  • Good for you! And I hope you enjoy it immensely!! Happy New Year!


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