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New year, new life, new outlook!

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It has been about 8 months since I uprooted myself and my daughter who is now 10. I am living about 10 blocks from the home I started my life in 43 years ago, I have minimal symptoms from the diastolic congestive heart failure that almost killed me a year ago, and my esr has gone down to 39 from 97!! My mind keeps wandering back to this time last year when I made the decision to go home and try to save my own life. I'm still taking sulfasalazine, methotrexate, and Humira. My rheumatologist is about to switch me to the Orencia infusions and I now use medical marijuana instead of Norco for pain.

I hope you are all doing well and keeping a positive outlook!!

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That's great to hear. And did your rekindled relationship work out? As that's a pretty powerful medicine! May the year just carry on getting better.

Great news Mandy new year new you go on girl xxx

Good for you! I'm doing my best.

Lets hope the new year is better for you

That's great news!! Hopefully the time will come when us in the UK can legally get full spectrum cannabis oil as well!!

Take care.

My 33 year old daughter who is disabled had JRA and was in remission from age 19 till 30. She no longer is no methotrexate. She does the Orencia infusions and another RA drug. However she now has fibromyalgia. So it is hard to know what is causing pain and what meds are working. Hope you do good.

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