Happy belated New Year

Happy belated New Year

Hellloo everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I have been a tad busy and not had much time to join in with moving and then a 2400 km return driving holiday but I am still standing after all that, just. Trying to catch up on what has been happening with you all but I am afraid there is way to much for me to read so I will just have to go with the current happenings. Hope you are all doing Ok as can be and that the cold weather on the other side of the world is not causing too much grief. It is very hot down under but I am loving it. Piccy of where I have been it is heaven and I would love to live there but alas there is no work.

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  • What a dream location, pity about the work situation, it would make life a bit easier to wake up to that each morning! Good to hear the move went ok and I hope you are getting settled, it takes ages to find places for items when you move home. Oh, sorry belated Happy Christmas and New Year to you too! xx

  • Oh it is so beautiful and I would love to wake up to that every day. Move was hot hot hot 38 Celsius on the day we moved and the following days cleaning the other house phew I sweated out a few kilos on those days. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year I didn't make 12pm I was shagged after all the moving, cleaning and driving!

  • Happy New Year to you too!

    Fantastic location.....shame about the work not being there. I think I would love a view like that every morning too.

    Hope you are OK and recovered now....take care xx

  • I love it there but need ti win lotto to live there.

    I am getting there still quite exhausted and in pain but life goes on. we are heading in to a heatwave this week so I might just stay indoors in the aircon.

  • Wish you could send some of that heatwave over here to dry up all the rain we've had....it's been awful with all the flooding!

  • Yes some averaging out of the weather worldwide. US is copping it too with arctic weather

  • Good to hear from you, I was wondering how your move and hols had gone. That looks like an idyllic location:-} I've not been on here much myself - have been flattened by fatigue. I am now 4 weeks post surgery so half-way through the 8 week non weight-bearing marathon! Today it is very cold 1C and icy but bright and sunny which is a welcome change from the wind and rain storms that have been battering the UK over the past month.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Cece x

  • Hope we get some of the 'bright & sunny' over here today Cece....it's cold but still very overcast....maybe we'll see the sun later! x

  • Must take so much out of you having surgery. Is everything on track though and healing as it should? I have a friend in the UK and she has been telling us about the storms wild weather all over and we are having unprecedented heat and bushfires. You take care of yourself too, you must be getting cabin fever by now, I would.

  • Had some problems this time post surgery [massive bleed followed by a very painful trapped nerve] but ok now just still feeling very 'drugged' from the increase in medications. At the first dressing change the wound was very inflamed and the skin a livid red so another surgical dressing was put on and they're leaving it alone for 4 weeks. Time has been passing ok because for the 1st 3 weeks it was xmas and new year and I had family around:-} This past week I've been on my own but as I'm still sleeping a lot time still passes, although I feel somewhat like I'm sleeping my life away! But I know that this is how my body heals. The culprit in all this has been the 8Omg Kenalog [steroid] injection I had 4 weeks prior to surgery - my elbows were so inflamed that I couldn't unbend my arms. You end up between the devil and the deep blue surgery -couldn't go into surgery in the middle of a big flare but the steroids cause bleeding probs [in me] and slower healing. Anyway, it's done and after 3 surgeries in 8 months it's all over, just the rehabilitation to get through:-}

    Cece x

  • Glad to hear you are mending though, albeit slowly and being so cold outside it is the best time to be sleeping and resting.

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