Happy old year

Hi ayears few weeks ago things looked bad. As you know from my past blogs, I was made redundant in jan. I am 61 and had RA since 97. I was put on ESA work group and thought I was going to be made to get a job. The job centre after my interview have said I was not going to be pestered to work, not I my condition. The down side I would lose my ESA after one year, this jan. but it appears I may be able to get some pension credit, we,ll see. I was paying off a loan I had to put a shower in, since I left work I am unable to pay the installments. I havent taken my PPI out, informed to loan company my difficulty and they said they would pay my loan for me and clear the debt, good time. More good news today, I have been trying to get mobility from the DLA for a number of years but got turned down. So this time I went to the CAB and they filled it in for me, and guess what. I have been given the highest mobility and back dated for three months. So this Xmas I and having dinner round the pub, no cooking or washing, a taxi home so I can have a drink. I didn't look forward to retirement, not being wanted to work and sitting at home but I am loving getting up when I want, doing what I want everyday the time flys but it's great. I hope you all have a great Xmas and a happy new year.

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  • The same to you beeper. xxx

  • Well done to you.... happy Christmas.

  • well done! and seasons greetings one and all!


  • Such good news at last im pleased for you x have a great Xmas

  • That's such good news, I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  • Really pleased for you Beeper, enjoy it! And have a drink for those of us who can't...Polly

  • I was wondering where this was going but your satisfaction & enjoyment of life at the moment got more & more evident! Good on you. Enjoy today and doing things the way you want! Congrats on your DLA claim, too!

  • u say that u would lose your ESA after one year. but if u are still not able to work u would still be able to get ESA.

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