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Lung issues


Hi I am a bit worried as I have always had that early morning smokers cough for a long time but for the past 6 or 7 months now my morning phlegm has gone from the usual colour to a brownish blood stain colour. I saw my GP and he referred me straight to hospital for a chest X-ray. I am scared to get the results as all I ever hear these days or this year so far, is loads of people are dying or being diagnosed with cancer. I have recently lost a life long friend to two types of cancer and ISLD. I also lost my Uncle to cancer earlier in the year and there's been so many others in the public lime light as well. I also found out at my uncle's funeral that two of my cousins had contracted cancer as well. So I am kind of panicking inside.

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Sorry you are having problems. Why don't u contact the British Lung Foundation? They have lots of support and advice and really nice people. You can talk to them. Or call your GP and tell them of your concern and ask if they could get your xray result quickly for you to put your mind at rest. Also I hope u have managed to stop smoking, if not look up your stop smoking clinic, they r helpful and give you free advice and support. Good luck and hope everything is fine, let us kow if you get a chance x

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Hi allanah, I am still waiting for the x-ray results. I am sure that it must be good as I have heard nothing and they say no news is good news don't they? x


It could be a bacterial infection.. smoking is bad news for your body as Allanah said see if you can find a stop smoking clinic or speak to GP

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Hi Summer, i have done all the efforts there are out there to stop smoking, including going cold turkey which lasted 6 years. I am allergic to the patches, the gum makes me sick, the inhalator doesn't work all that well, the spray was rubbish and the electronic cigarette cartridges that I was using have been stopped over a year now. Smoking is something I have done for over 35 years now on and off that is. Maybe I am just one of those who will never give it up.

Hi, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time at the moment, but I understand your fear completely. Please take a look at the Macmillan website,they have trained people you can talk things through in confidence & will be able to advise you. Also please please see your gp, let them know how worried you are. When are the results due? I know this might sound harsh & please don't be offended but worrying is going to use precious energy & make your fear much greater (you know how you end up going round in circles & more & more things make your fear greater?) Please speak to your gp so they can put your mind at ease. Take care, I wish you good luck,please let us know how you get on. Thinking of you,x

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Hi Fearn2261, well as previously mentioned above, I am just waiting to see if those X-Rays are bad news. So far no news so I'm hoping that the lungs are ok. If there was anything serious, I am sure the surgery would have been in touch by now. Thank you for your concern though. x

Hello, we don't know each other but big hugs anyway! The other posters are right - the fear of the results is worse than knowing the results of your x-rays. Once you know what's wrong, (if anything!) you can get the appropriate treatment and move may be very simple. If you wait, your mind assumes the worst and the worry can be crippling. You sound like you've been having a really difficult time with bad news. I hope things look up for you soon. All the best x

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Hi FionaJane, Thank you for your message, I was really worried at first but as each day has gone on and I've heard nothing from my G.P I am assuming the news must be OK. I'll worry if the news does come through bad. At the moment, i am putting those thoughts to the back of my mind. Thanks again for your support. x

Ask for a CT scan - Your symptoms sound remarkably like mine. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.. which only shows up on a CT scan not an Xray. The lungs produce extra mucous with this condition. It is treatable. You would need a referal to a chest consultant at your local hospital to get this diagnosed... if that is what it is. May be worth suggesting it to your GP/rheumatologist. I was told by my consultant Rheumatologist that it wouldn't be bronchiectasis.. even though my daughter has this and RA! But she'd send me for a CT scan anyway just to rule it out.... well - it was! which was my gut instinct as I knew the symptoms well!

Hopefully they can find out for you fairly quickly. Contacting your rheumatologist might be a good idea too.

Hi, thank you for your message. I used to get Bronchitis all the time while growing up and often had the doctor out to me. So I know how bad that can be. I haven't had it since I moved away from the town I grew up in. Thanks for your advice though, much appreciated. x

Any news on results today, did u ring them?Axx

I have had bronchiectasis since I was 3 years old as a result of whooping cough damage and had a partial lobectomy ( removal of part of lung ) when I was 16. I am now 63.

If it turns out that it is bronchiectasis that you have I am living proof that you can live with it as long as you get the antibiotics promptly for infections. It doesn't stop me doing anything I want to do. Could it be that you have just coughed really hard and ruptured a small blood vessel which would account for the blood in the phlegm. I know that has happened to me a couple of times.

I have been on MTX for 3 months now and my problem is that although I know MTX can affect the lungs I don't know if I would know the difference between my normal cough ( I cough all the time ) and a MTX cough.

Fingers crossed that your x-ray shows that you have nothing to worry about but please think about giving up smoking anyway.

Jean x

Sender Hi, Thank you for your message and the advice. Sure everything will be Ok. I will be seeing the G.P soon anyway so i am sure he'll let me know if anything is bad. Thanks for your concern. x

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D me a favour though and phne the doc asnd ask for your results, u wouldn't be the first to gewt missed. Also go see the gp if xrays re ok you may need antibiotics for this phglmn!!

Hi don't worry, i am sure i am fine, i have plenty of antibiotics in the house. I will just put myself back on a 5 day course again lol. It's not like I am chucking up or coughing up loads of the stuff, it only is first thing in the morning for a couple of coughs.

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