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Hi all, I just want to say thanks for all your anniversary wishes and advice before I left for my weekend away. We had a lovely time and I took it very easy on the alcohol, limiting myself to just a glass of bucks fizz at breakfast and an afternoon glass of bubbly. The hotel was lovely, so clean and modern and right in the middle of Covent Garden so really easy to walk to the theatre. Blood Brothers was amazing and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We also went on lots of walks but I must admit I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got back. Hubbie is on holiday for another week yet and has been busy planning more days out. Were going on a raptor experience next week where we get to hold hawks and owls and then were off to Alton Towers to ride the roller coasters! It's hard to keep up but I'm doing my best. I just have to remind him that I'm 43 and have ra so although I try I can't run around like a teenager. I hope you're all keeping well and I'll spend a little time tonight catching up on your blogs. I think a night on the sofa after a hot bubble bath sounds like the perfect end to the week.

Paula x

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  • Well Happy belated anniversary. It is my 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We were going to a dog show, but if weather nice we are going to do our 1st car boot sale, how romantic are we?

    43 sure you are young, i am a miserable 51, not miserable really its actually a good age.

    Regards, Gina.

    Ps. Love Covent garden and saw blood brothers in Dublin and loved it :)

  • Gina, i beat you my wedding anniversary was 20th august and mine was 29yrs as well. I don't know the weather where you were we had a very hot day. xx

  • Wow Gina 29yrs! I'd love to go to a dog show but my Jack russell is too naughty and barks at all the other dogs. Good luck with the car bootie, hope you earn lots of cash :-)

  • Jack Russells' - big dogs in little bodies !!! (Ours barks when he senses another dog going past our house even when he couldn't possibly have seen it). Plus he really wants to have a go at any big boy dogs, smaller ones are not quite so bad. Lady dogs, he has them licking his face and he theirs. xxxx

  • lol, yes you've hit the nail on the head Judi. Sadly mine doesn't even like the ladies as he's just anti social. Off the lead he will play nice in the park but on the lead he's a terrorist!

  • Congrats Sylvie, we all doing well to last! Us post Diana brides! lol. My birthday was 20/8 :)

  • Thats my wedding anniversary.. xxx

  • I am so glad that you had such a good time. Pleased your resting tonight as by the sounds of it your hubby is going to keep you busy. Love

  • I was going to rest but Mum just called to say Dad is in hospital so I'm going up to visit him a little later. Sounds like he's ok though so nothing to worry about x

  • Well I beat you all! MIne was the 6 August and it was 35 yrs.! Glad you a had a good time Poulywoo.

  • Look at all us August brides! 35yrs!!! now that's something.....any advances on 35?

  • We must all have good husbands. They say you get less for murder!!!!!!

  • haha, congrats all!! we were 20 years on the 29th :)

    ps, love the pict paulywoo, you look very happy and pretty :)

    haha sylvi, I had to re-read paulywoo's blog to realise why her hubby was going to keep her 'busy', thought you were being cheeky again ;)

  • lololol, I just re read and see what you mean

  • Yes i was, xxxx

  • Congratulations Paula on your wedding anniversary, ours was 30 years last November, we took a cruise to celebrate,

    Covent garden what a great place to go, I love it, we wbt to see the Jersey Boys last year great show. Well worth seeing.

    Well done to all you others too, we must all know how to work at our marriages that's why they have lasted so long!!! As it certainly isn't the easy option :) living with me, RA, and life experiences lol :)

    Have a great day everyone


  • That's brilliant news Paula so glad you had a great time! My middle son starred in Blood Brothers a few years ago as part of a big Scottish drama festival - unfortunately they overan the time limit of 20 mins so it was disqualified but I was rather relieved in some ways as not sure I could have gone through the final scene many more times - a tough watch when it's your son playing that role!

    Wow you are going to be kept busy - my husband is the same re sudden bursts of enthusiasm that don't take RA or the drugs into account - bless!! Tilda x

  • I can imagine it must be very difficult to watch your son play that role Tilda. I hate public displays of emotion so had a stiff upper lip and lump in my throat but it was hilarious watching everyone weeping at the end. We just got back from a lovely walk around the river in Chester and hubbie suggested I join him on a motorbike ride!!! I think I've done enough today and sent him off on his own.

  • Sounds like you had a great time in London. Enjoy your week ahead, try and rest when you can. I've found if I'm enjoying myself I can keep going much better - just have to pay for it later i guess.

    Re the alcohol, had quite a bit more than usual on our recent hols - was worried about recent blood tests, but my liver test was actually lower than normal. Trying to resist a drink to celebrate! lol

    Will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in Oct. Are planning night away in nice hotel, not sure where at moment.


  • Choosing a hotel is such hard work! It took me ages of trawling through Superbreaks and Trip advisor until finally making a choice. Hope you find somewhere nice and best wishes for your 20th :-)

  • Thanks Paula,

    yes it takes me ages too, mind you it's a good excuse for lazing around on sofa a bit more.

  • Morning to you all, just reading comments and made me chuckle! Well we will be celebrating our 42nd on 27th Sept! Going to Centre Parks with family which will now include a 2month grandson, he is adorable.

    Just a little question, does anyone have any tips for taking naproxen, they keep getting stuck in my throat, makes me gag it up, so have to try and swallow it again! Have a good day to you all :)

  • Hiya, I can't compete on the anniversary stakes as I am divorced but my birthday is on the 27th September. Does that count? Judy x

    P.S. Try eating some bread with the meds I find it really helps to push those pills down the throat. xx

  • Well I couldn't be left out of this one

    I mine's 42 this sept 26th, scary stuff as I was a child bride BUT It has worked and my husbands the best ever.

    As for naproxen gallons of water sweetened with blackcurrant and large gulps, I have a problem with the eight little yellow ones once a week! gag isn't in it.....

    Congrats all round we all deserve it. Well done Paula and yes you look fantastic.

    Love Carol

  • Caggy, you must surely have been a child bride - unless your photo lies of course. xxx

  • No the photo didn't lie, I was 16 when married, this photo was taken a month ago when I got dressed up to go to the theater that my son bought for us. But thanks I take the compliment.

  • Thanks Carol, I think you and Mutley are possibly the winners in the longest marriage comp? Congratulations to you too x

  • What a lovely blog and responses. I have become far too cynical recently and it is great to hear how many of you are still in long and happy relationships. I'm going on a man hunt immediately!

  • Have a look at the men on this site then. !!! xxxx

  • Haha, I might just do that. xx

  • Its lovely to read all these happy blogs - it made me smile!

    Im 44, have been divorced twice and married 3 times!!!! Iv'e only been married just over a year to my hubby - but he is my rock, and as they say '3rd time lucky'!!!!

    Happy days to us all - :)

    Keep the spirits up, it makes me smile!!!


  • How lovely that you've found Mr Right :-) Happy days indeed x

  • Well Caggy wat a coincidence, you got married on the Fri as we did on the Saturday in Peterborough. Have Rheumy appt this Tues, had a lot of problems with my blood count on methotrexate even though I felt really good on them, so we'll see what he suggests!

  • Sorry been away so just catching up...Happy anniversary and well done Axx

  • Thanks Allanah :-)

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