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Good News

Just thought I'd share the news from my follow up appointment at the breast clinic Youv'e all been so supportive when I've blogged about the worries of the MR scan.

I saw the consultant today and the scan was clear.Whoopee! I just have to go for a mammogram in 6 months time to make sure everything is still ok.

I can't describe how relieved I felt when he gave me the news.It has been a very worrying time,

My daughter just popped into the study to tell me she is on course for a 2:1 in her history degree and has got an interview for her chosen university.Fantastic. She has worked so hard.

What a great end to the day. I feel that I can now join fully into the Christmas festivities.

I'm going to an Austrian Choir concert on Saturday.Nothing sums up Christmas more to me than Silent Night sung in German.

Hope we all have an RA free Christmas.xxx

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Wonderful!!! Avjh, I can imagne that you feel like a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Merry Christmas, Linda


Great news, such a relief to you. Hopefully 2012 will be a good year for us all.



Congratulations for not only you your daughter as well. I bet you could walk on water bright now. Nobody deserves it more than you. Lets hope we all feel the same as you at christmas. xx


I'm very pleased to hear such great news - your relief comes through in your blog:-}

And clever, hard-working daughter too!

Cece x


Great news for you both

Now have a wonderful Xmas



That is fantastic news - enjoy a worryfree Christmas


congratulations :)

gosh, what a big huge whoppin relief for you!! heres to a wonderful xmas x


So very pleased to hear your news. Having had breast cancer myself I know what a worry waiting for the results can be. good news about your daughter's history results. A lot to celebrate this Xmas. Have a really good time. Love LavendarLady x


What a wonderful blog and the best of news. Now you can really enjoy the Christmas concert! I have not heard "Silent Night "in German, but have heard and sung it in Latin, besides English.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, in a church full of people holding lighted candles, rest of lights out, and the opening refrain of "Silent Night"...nothing can beat that feeling!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. XX Loret


Fantastic news.. now you can really enjoy christmas x


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