Good News going to be a Gran

Thought you could all do with a positive blog at this time as I know a lot of you are having problems withthe stress of the festive celebrations and the current bad weather conditions.

Found out my daughter is to have a baby next summer she has been reticent in making this news common knowledge as she had a miscarriage last June at 11 weeks, however she has now let everyone know the good news. she is due next June and has had scan and ha sante natal appt tomorrow. Seeing the babies heartbeat last week at the scan has been really positive.

Since I retired in March I have had a lot of stress with house refurbishment supporting her through the miscarriage, her wedding and frail and unwell parents and I am sure that this had an effect on my health.

I had 6 months sick last year with stress and to be honest I had been the victim of bullying for the preceeding year which I am sure contributed to me being ill. I also wonder if this may have contributed to my recent illness and ther are 2 other members of staff who have auto immune diseases who worked in the same area as myself. I was a manager in that area which had been drastically understaffed for 8 years and as environmental factors are thought to be linked to autoimmune diseases it makes me wonder if there is a link.

Now I have had a moan things are now looking up. I am now settled in my New Home since the work haas been done, my daughter is happily married and about to extend our family and my health has improved although that is only since I had steroid injection 6' weeks ago, I am hoping it lasts and that I will be well for when my grandchild arrives in the summer.

Hope you all have a good xmas and are relatively painfree

crisxx gentle hugs to you all

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  • congratulations nothing so good as grand children love the hugs I get from them and you hand them back when it gets too much


  • thanx am really looking forward to it

    have a good xmas


  • Congrates im a grandmother to 5 and its great to have cuddles and kisses enjoy when little one arrives x

  • thanx am really looking forward to it

    have a good xmas


  • Start buying buying nappies then move on to bucket and spades! Many congrats xxx Virge Could you ask for steroid jab instead of choosing christening gifts! and am so pleased for you all. After being told chemo meant No Children! for me years ago, now have enough to stock a shop with! Enjoy every minute xx

  • thanx cant wait to start buying

    merry xmas crisxx

  • Great news Cris, and Yes I know what bullying can be like x

  • thans summer I know you have been through the mill with it too. Its awful how the NHS has changed. Didnt realise i had been bullied until I was ill and then realised on reflection.

    Hope you and your mum and dad have a lovely xmas and that dad gets his op soon


  • Brilliant news, congrats

  • thanx

    have a good xmas


  • Yes I was badly bullied in my second last job and I do blame them for being ill! I didn't realise it was bullying for such a long time but when I realised I left.

    But onto good news , how brilliant is that going to be a grandmother. I would love it to happen but hope they are together for. While and get to know each other before they make that big decision ( and me and Katy would Love a big wedding! )

    I love these new scans , they have 3 D here which is amazing, hope she keeps well, it's hard to lose babies, I did and had ivf extra and now have 3 !! Hugs Axx

  • Hi allanah thanx for your good wishes, I too had a miscarriage but I already had my daughter it must be so much when it is your first pregnancy, I was not fortunate enough to have any more children after the miscarriage but feel I am blessed with such a wonderful daughter and her husband is perfect for her. I couldnt have chosen better myself. Its great to see them so happy and we had a wonderful wedding in august.

    The bullying that now seems to go on in NHS seems to be increasing and when I was sick last year returned in Sept to another area as they had closed my ward whilst I was sick and then would have had to move wards again in March so decided to take early retirement and it was a really good decision.

    Hope Katy meets the man of her dreams and you get your wish for the big wedding (with hat)

    I hope you continue with your recovery from your recent surgery and have a happy and painfree xmas

    gentle hugs


  • I agree with you, most of my friends still working are so stressed and being yelled at all the time by managers and patients, can't win, glad I got I'll health retirement , tho would still prefer not to be ill!! Lol

    Yes won't that be lovely when engagements or weddings come along although my husbands wallet might not agree xx

  • Congratulations Cris, I am very please for you and your Family,.. What a lovely new year gift,...

    Take care shirl xx

  • thanks Shirley I am really looking forward to it.

    Hope you are feeling better from the flu soon and that you get good results with the meds

    Have a great xmas

    gentle hugs crisxx

  • That's wonderful news for you, and something lovely to look forward too!

    Ally x

  • thanx Ally

    hope you soon get sorted out with your meds and that you get consistent advice, it is frustrating that the experts cant agree.

    have a happy xmas


  • Congratulations to you and your daughter on the Good news Chris .Good to hear things are looking up.I agree with you, stress can cause all kinds of side effects.Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and an even better NewYear.


  • thanx Pat am really looking forward to it

    have a good xmas, Gemma looks a cutie


  • Hi, congratulations on the news you are becoming a gran, my daughter had five miscarriages, before finally having 2 beautiful girls now 2 and 10. Months so I know how that feels to see your daughter go through the heartache.

    So I now have 4 grandchildren my son has 2 boys 3 and 1 years old. It is an abousolute delight, I love every second with them, and the two oldest are very matter of fact, they ask when they want to play " are your legs ok Grandma can you do a jigsaw on the floor, or are we doing it on the table today!" Whatever I answer Is good enough for them. I love the cuddles and kisses and the special moments when they climb on your knee for no reason except to whisper "I love you grandma".

    The feeling for grandchildren is definitely different to your own children, never understood when people told me that, but it is.

    Congratulations again

    Hope you stay pain free for a while

    Gentle hugs



  • Hi Gill thanx for your good wishes and hope you have a wonderful xmas with your 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am really looking forward to our new arrival

    merry xmas and hope it is a relatively painfree one


  • I am so pleased for you and your

  • Hi Sylvi thanx and hope you feel better soon you cant be too careful with your conditions and good that you got some antibiotics as you want to be well for xmas

    have a good one


  • Great news Cris! xxxx

  • thanks Tilda and hope that the toothache in your hands settles.

    Have a great xmas


  • How lovely, what a super Xmas prezzy, the best of all.....the gift of life xxx

  • Thanx and yes a great pressie, hope you have a good xmas with your son and menagerie


  • Congratulations i'm very happy for you. Xxx

  • thanx Treesha am looking forward to it

    have a lovely xmas and hope you are painfree


  • Great news. such a lovely blog. Really nice to share your news.

    Congratulations to you all.


  • Thanx Carole I cant wait

    Hope you have a lovely xmas and relatively painfree, hope the new year brings you more positive things


  • Congratulations to your daughter and grandma to be. Like others have mentioned, I had two miscarriages and now have one daughter. Will be thinking of her over the coming weeks.

  • Thanx Georje am really looking forward to it

    Have you made some soup yet

    have a lovely xmas


  • Thanx Georje am really looking forward to it

    Have you made some soup yet

    have a lovely xmas


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