Tired again

Tired again

Morning every one,hope that you have all had a good nights sleep. If you have can you send some my way. I haven't had a good night for days,i don't know what to do to get a good nights sleep. The weather is not being kind to my hands and knees. I have put some cooling gel on my hands to see if that will help. I don't think i will be going very far today, so it looks like i shall be on here all day.

The sky is just starting to show blue at last. So least when the winter solstice comes it mean the days will slowly start to get longer. I'm very sad when i'm waiting for the longer days.

Hope you all wake cheerful and ready to start the day. The pic if it shows is my son.

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good morning Slyvie, i was up and about in the middle of the night as well so it obviously isn't tramadol that was causing my insomnia as i have stopped taking it. Your son is having a ball obviously - what a great experience for someone of his age. I have been given another prescription for oral steroids but i am trying to delay taking them until Christmas week - my christmas pressie from the consultant. I alternate between hot and warm to try and get my hands going in the morning - hot water and then ice pack, it does a small bit of good. Hope you have a good day and feel better as the day wears on.



this shocking cold has just started to reach its peak - last nite, so I too was awake, sore throat, bunged up achy feeling.

What is going on with the weather? I assumed it was me, hot one minute during the nite, then I can't get warm. It's confusing.

Chrimbo decs are up, son & hubby put them up on saturday. Posted most of my parcels, also on saturday. Today if I feel up to it, I will post the cards. But this cold is getting the better of me, so I still have not taken pic and I am only responding to blogs, rather than writing one.

Take care, wrap up warm

Sci x


As long as your still with us thats all that matters sci. The sun is shining here,but it is so deceptive as the wind is howling. I don't think i will be going very far today as 1,i'm too tired, 2,i ache. So i will sit and do puzzles and watch rubbish tv and rest. That will be for the people who are concerned about me doing too much,i an behaving myself for once.

I wonder if over doing it is causing me sleepness nights i don't know.

You will write a blog when you feel up to it and i look forward to your responses so don't worry if your not blogging, you will when your up to it.

Take care,love sylvi.xx


Mads i've just woken up having slept for nearly an hour.Steroids i have been on them for a long time and there looks highly unlikely that i will be taken off them anytime soon.

A lot of my current problems stem from when i had diverticulitis and they took me diclofenic. Apart from the problem with my knee,that when it all kicked off and they didn't replace it with anything at the time. Then i was diagnosed with fibro,then they put me on more drugs. Now i go through spells when i can't sleep and i'm having another spell. The weather isn't helping either. We have had a awful night with wind and rain.

I did try and rest during the night and i didn't switch my laptop on and i got a bit more sleep,but you know whats its like,pain, sleeplessness is a vicious circle. We can't win.

My son is having a wonderful time. Last night he was on a beach some where watching football and drinking beer. One of the few times he gets to land.

sylvi. xx


HI Sylvi,

I too have the same problem sleeping, Ive been on high dose oral steriods for 2 and a half years now and also get top ups off the injedcions too.

My GP prescribed me Zopliclone which is a sleeping pill, and they work amazing Im not allowed to take them every night as they would eventually stop working and I would not be able to sleep without them my GP says however If I just take one every third night it means I get an amazing nights sleep which makes up for the two restless ones and refresshes me.

Better than being like a zombie all week!

Its worth asking your GP if something like this could help you?

I end up suffering on the morning when Ive had a good night because 8 hours solid sleep or more also means 8 hours off being lay still and stiffening up, so on the morning Ive taken them it can take up to 4 hours to get moving properly but hey ho we need our sleep.

Hope you feel better soon I too had a really bad night last night was up from 3 am in aggony back and shoulder pains so bad you would have thought I was in labour with my deep breathing excersices to help me cope with the pain, that and a good few swigs off the oramorph on top off the morphine Id already taken.

Not good, but feeling better this morning except for the zombie like feeling.

Take care

Julie xxx


Hi Sylvi, I also had a really bad night last night - kept waking up, one minute too hot, the next cold and right shoulder giving me hell (as was every other joint). Very tired this morning although have put the hoover round as dogs are moulting and leaving hair everywhere. Looking forward to my mid morning coffee with a couple of choccee biscuits.

I cannot take morphine in any shape or form as allergic to it so have to rely on the standard pain killers such as paracetemol and nurofen. GP has tried me on others but they knock me out for 48 hours + and leave me hopeless at doing anything at all. I do sometimes wonder if all the drugs we have to take fight each other and cause more problems than they are worth! Perhaps someone would do a survey sometime on that.

Hope you will feel better as the week goes on. Don't do too much either!

LavendarLady x


It seems i'm not alone here today. I have got that sleeping tablet here at home,but i'm also taking amitryptaline so don't know if i can add sleeping to the mix. I can't take morthphene either it makes me all weird and funny and my head goes all over the place. I know there are some who think i weird anyway!!! but that makes me awful. I wonder about the cocktail of drugs i'm taking to be honest. There are days when i feel like throwing them all in the bin. Then i see what my hubby went through last night and i know they must be doing some good. He forgot to take his peptacs for his acid and he was rough all night long.

The sun is up and bright, but boy is it windy, it is blowing round through house,you know what i mean LL living in norfolk don't you. Yes ladies i am being good no fridge moves for me today!! i'd like to think i have learned my lesson, but i'm not sure,while i can still see the bruises it caused i will. I have a beauty on my left knee.

Well ladies i hope we all have better times to come. Sylvi. xx


Well done on not moving any more fridges xxx

Take care xx

Hope you sleep well tonight xx


Thank you,that made me smiled. I have been good. xxx


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