I feel like a tinwoman today

During the day, I feel like I'm about over this cold, but the last 2 nights I cough as soon as I lie down. I can't sleep from the coughing, so dug out my cough syrup-it expired in 2005 & was thick. So I bought some more but I cannot open it. You have to pinch & turn and I can't do it. So after 2 nights of very little sleep, I just don't feel right today. I'm not particularly stiff, but I have no strength at all in my hands and my brain & body just feel off.

What a way to feel on my birthday, oh well. I'll just take it easy today & maybe I'll ask my neighbor to open the syrup for me. I've been digging around and maybe have come up with a different lid that would work so that I can get into it later. Even my sleeping pill cannot conquer the cough.

Think I'll finish my book-it is tying up all the loose threads & is so riveting right now. I can't wait to find out how it ends.


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  • Oh Bless! Happy birthday to you

    Hope your cold gets better soon


  • Happy birthday christine,sorry to hear that your still not well,but these coughs and colds just won't go away will they.

    Sending you healing hugs.


  • Happy Birthday Christine, I do hope you have a lovely day.

    Beth xXx

  • Happy birthday Christine.

    Like you I often can't open bottles which need squeezing and then turning.

    Asking your neighbour if they can undo it for you sounds like a good idea.

    These squeeze and turn lids are good to stop children from opening them but no help to us with no strength in wrists/hands/fingers.

    I have managed once or twice to pinch the lid and turn it with a pair of nut crackers.

    Hope you feel better today.


  • Wishing you a Happy Birthday and hope things improve very soon - coughing wears you out for sure! Hope you are expecting visitors or phone calls to cheer you up!

    Julie x

  • Happy Birthday Christine - get that neighbour to unscrew the lid so you have a less coughing birthday please! Tilda xx

  • Ahr i really do understand what its like when your ill and on your own, i get so frustrated when i cant open things, even when iv got jar and bottle openers. when i get a cough it goes worse lying down, try raising your head on another pillow it does help... I was recommeneded to take Manuka honey, a stronger one like 10+ with some squeezed fresh lemon juice, a drop of warm water mixed up, and boy does it soothe that throat.. Try it it really works... also the Manuka honey has healing properties in it to help your cough. Happy Birthday,, hope you feel better soon..


  • Happy birthday.. I can sympathise with the bottles they are a nightmare! x

  • A very belated happy birthday Tin Woman - hope that cough eased and you got some sleep.

  • Christine, A Very Happy Birthday to you.Perhaps a whiskey with hot water and fresh lemon would do you good.BEST WISHES.


  • Happy belated birthday to you, hope the whisky tody has helped.


  • Hi Christine! I ahve had that problem! Take a pair of "Pliers" to grip around the cap and squeeze, it will pop right off! Glad you are in US, not sure what they might be called across the waves :) L. xxx

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