Haven't moved all morning..soo tired

I haven't moved all morning. Feel so lethargic today. Didn't sleep that well last night. Was downstairs at 4.30 this morning and i have dozed on and off ever since. My fingertips are very sore.They feel like i have a splinter in them. I know i haven't got a splinter. It was my middle finger to start with, but today my little finger hurts as well. My hands are like tree trunks and they feel very thick and stiff.

I am sure that i have overdone in the past week,but i should be able to do things even if i take a break between jobs which i do,but it doesn't make any difference at all. Due to the steroids that i take my arms look a mess. They look bruised and despite the nice tan that i have they can still be seen and they don't look very nice. I'm not sure how i feel,i don't think that i am depressed,but i don't feel top of my game today...

Hope you all feel better than i do........... xxx

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  • Hi there sylvi,

    I'm having a very tired day too. I have t done anything but dose on and off on the couch. Sorry to hear about your fingers, it's my toes that's telling like that. Hate to hear that others are suffering as I am, but I'm also so glad I found this site as I don't feel so alone anymore. Gentle hugs to you and hope your day gets better!!

    Julie xx

  • Same to you julie. I am going to relax and watch the parade for the athletes. sylvi xx

  • Hi Ladies I'm off work today (am never off) .... 3rd lot of Methx yesterday and in evening felt really really sick! Woke up in night a few times and felt really sicky but havnt been..and today I really ache , my legs are lead and I just keep coming over sicky with no energy. Got a pain in my side too quite high up and it sort of goes round to my back.... OMG just wanna feel like me again my little girls need me and I just feel awful..... Is this all normal ? C x

  • Sadly in cases yes. I hope you soon feel brighter. sylvi. xx

  • And you xx

  • I don't think it's normal to have the pain in your side Claire - could be kidneys or something so I would get this checked out. Also if you feel that sick it may be something other than the MTX so just phone your GP I would. It could be a flare but they would know and at least it goes on your record then and you may get some more peace of mind. I do often find that I ache more and other things play up the day after I've taken my MTX - I think it's because I'm often at a low ebb following my dose. Tilda x

  • I know that feeling of just wanting my body back bumps and all lol.

    My hand and fingers are agony today but not suffering with the PMR to much thank goodness. I get cramped toes and the nurse told me it was my diabetes but I am not so sure now reading all these posts. I wake in the night with numb arms and hands as if I have lay on them all night and cut off the blood supply. Again doc says this is the PMR.

    Confusing or what?

  • Its horrid isn't it Sue .....3 months ago there was nothing wrong with me so hard to adjust. Don't suffer with anything numb though that must be scarey for you poor thing. I just walk around at mo with headaches and feeling like I've been run over ....like a hangover lol wot an irony that is!!

  • Sylvie, Sorry to hear your not feeling too good today, lack of sleep and overdoing things all adds to the normal fatigue and make you feel like louse. Do you have any 'knock out' drops that you could take this evening to enable you to get a good nights sleep without any pain.

    Take care. xxx

  • Thank you Tilda ....that pain does seem a bit odd almost wondering whether it could be my gall bladder or kidneys. Thanks for the advice xx

    And Sylvie hope you a better nights sleep xx

  • Hi Sylvia, Sorry to hear you are feeling horrible today, I am right along with u if that helps, (I know it doesnt) but I can empathize with you, I had to go to GP to see nurse today to fill out blood test results from last week, as I go to PZ tom to see Rheumy Nurse, I dont see the doc till DECC I am going to tell her I dont fine 8 months between appts acceptable, as they dont have a handle on this yet, and I have not been under treatment for long enough, that they have me on the right doses of anything, it seems, that in between the 8 months, the GP keeps upping my pain meds now 40 and 40 prolong release Oxy 2 times a day, and still have to take up to 4 extra 5.s a dy, and it is still killing me with pain, I also see my Neuro on Wednesday dont know what he plans to do, I just wish someone would get a handle on this, When I was having my booklet filled out at GP today, I asked for more of my 5.s as I have been out for 3 days, and was in tears today in the office and I needed to have my script filled which they did, not I want to sleep, so I will say bye for now, I will keep u in my prayers sweetie, and hope we noth get at least a little better soon xxx Love Ya Lisa

  • Its no fun is it. You know what i'm talking about as you suffer as well. I haven't stepped outside at all today. My whole right side hurts and my pinkies are the worst i have had a few tears as well today.

    Hope you get some rest lisa. love sylvia.xxx

  • Hi bad hands are a pain I cant move mine for a while in the morning and I do find too much key board work can aggravate them too, ie working longer like I did friday to help out

  • Claire/summer, if i am still this bad tomorrow i will up my steroids for three days and see how i feel after that and if it is still bad then i will ring my rheumy nurse and see what she says.

    Hope everyone has a good nights sleep. Love to all sylvi.xxx

  • Sylvie these steroids how do u take them, how often and do they help, and are they instead of something else, I want to talk to my Rheumy nurse tom but want to feel informed when I do, BTW my nap turned into 2 hours and 45 min lol xx

  • I take two every morning. Sometimes i will take three for three days if i'm suffering. I take them along all my other medication. I think i'm still in a flare as my hands are not very good and i'm very tired. Its 5am here and i am down here as i can't sleep. Will ring my rheumy in the morning. You take care love sylvia.xxx

  • so sorry to hear you not good its so hard for us who have this people dont understand even in work i was dam sure they was going to get rid off me as i on desk so they moved me on heavy lifting now have torn in shoulder again so went to c company doc and he has said i am protected by law cause of illness and if they can accomadate me then to do so iff not let me go iv been there 13 years hr are uselass so back on admin was off on sun night as fell down step and fracture my angle only small 1 so have to wear boot as these little fractures heal on there own feel good today can run in my boot and im going holiday cyprus so im looking forward to this then i will prop get written warning when i come back there is no duty off care where i work never mind gonna look for another job asap hope u all feel well soon sylvi have u put your hands in hot water i know this helps me xx

  • Shelly, you seem to have had a hard time of it. The company you work for can be taken to court due to their lack of care and not following the disability act. I suggest you see your union rep or solicitor and gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim.

    I still am in pain and i will ring my rheumy up this morning and see what she has to say. I have upped my steroids this morning. I have been up since 5am this morning. I have used epsom salts in warm water, i have out them in cold water and i have some cream from the drs last week,but nothing seems to make much difference i'm afraid.


  • Hello sylvi, I'm playing catch-up here as I've just realised your post was from yesterday & now I've clocked that you are still in pain. The sun is trying to come out here, hope it succeeds over your way as I seem to recall warm weather helps you.

    I've not slept much at all but when I did had very odd dreams - quite enjoyed them as the drugs (not sure which ones) seem to have stopped me dreaming lately.

    Wishing your pain away,

    Christina xx

  • Christina thats a lovely message. Thank you. Yes i'm still in pain, i have rang my rheumy nurse this morning and told her about my hands and she is going to speak to my consultant about me, so i will have to wait and see what comes from that. I must i get some very weird dreams and i can remember them for a little while and then their gone and i can't recall what they were.


  • bless you sometimes the doct dont listen we pop all these drugs and still feel bad pain they upping my mtx to 20mg im not sure about this and my blood has shown inflamation in it inflamation off the blood iv looked it up scary i dont know what caused me to be like this just wish i was normal maybe god has a place for people like us i do hope u feel better soon let the tears flow cause that what i do i have a couple off bad days then i am ok again i will say a little prayer for you xx

  • Thank you shelly that was nice of you. My belief is god only gives us what he knows we can cope with. sylvi.xx

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